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Traditional cuisine of Indonesia, what to eat on the island of Bali, food prices

Indonesian cuisine combines several flavors. You can feel Indian and Chinese notes in it. Despite the similarities, Indonesian dishes are not so spicy and the sauces included in the composition are quite simple.

Each island in the Indonesian archipelago has some differences in terms of food, but the basics are the same.

Indonesian cuisine in Java is most often distinguished by soy sauce, and on the island of Sumatra it includes coconut milk.

After all, the dishes are varied and adapted to all nationalities. In addition, there is local food, and although there are not many dishes, some require special attention.

Nasi Goreng

In short, it’s fried rice. This is the most recognizable and common dish. Having tried one serving, you understand how tasty it is, moreover, it is quite satisfying and not expensive. To prepare nasi goreng, rice is boiled and then fried along with vegetables and spices. The serving is completed by adding a fried egg and fresh vegetables to the plate.

Interesting! In Indonesia, rice is the main cereal product, it is added to almost all dishes, even those with noodles. To enhance the taste, the Balinese often use a sauce called Kechap Manis, which is available in every store.

Mie Goreng or fried noodles

An everyday dish that the islanders eat as often as rice. In appearance, noodles in Bali are similar to Rolt on. Its quality depends on the place where it is served. In expensive restaurants, such noodles are made on their own, but in wrongs they are prepared from packages. For cooking, it is enough to fry the noodles in a wok with spices. When serving, a fried egg and fresh vegetables are added. You can buy such food anywhere, it is hearty and will appeal to all lovers of pasta.

Nasi Campur

This is a mixture of the dishes described above. For him, it is enough to fry rice with noodles, adding tofu cheese, some meat or seafood, vegetables and sauce. Nasi champur is sold on the streets in warungs, usually wrapped in a banana leaf.

Baby Guling

Every tourist should try this dish on their first visit to Bali. This is a suckling pig cooked on a spit. The carcass is generously rubbed with spices inside and out. After baking, the piglet is cut open and served with rice and vegetables. The cost of one portion is approximately $4, and the whole pig will cost $100.

Interesting! Babi guling is purely street food in Bali, you won’t find such a dish in a restaurant. One pig is cooked in the morning, and the cafe usually closes immediately after it is sold. The dish is prepared only in Bali, in most of Indonesia the Muslim faith prevails, which does not recognize pork as a food.


It is the most popular meat meal in all of Indonesia. It is prepared from beef or chicken, extremely rarely from pork. It looks like a barbecue on wooden skewers. Grilled with lots of spices. Sate can be eaten in a restaurant and at street food outlets, costing at least a dollar for 3-4 skewers.

Meat and seafood are often baked in banana leaves, thanks to which the juice does not leak out and the dish comes out fragrant and juicy.


This is a chicken that is stewed and fried with spices and then served with a sauce of chili peppers, coconut oil and onions. Such local food in Bali is cooked all day long, during which time the meat becomes very tender. The dish is also found on the island of Lombok, it is very popular with tourists.


This is one of the most flavorful dishes in Indonesia. It is prepared in Bali in small street food shops. They take beef as a basis and stew it in coconut milk with ginger, chili, lemongrass and turmeric. For one serving with rice, you will have to pay from $ 2 to $ 2.5.


This is a soup made with oxtail broth. It can be tasted both in a restaurant and in warungs. Before cooking, the tails are marinated, and then boiled for a very long time along with vegetables. The rich broth has the aroma of smoke and various spices. This soup is rarely found in other countries, so you must try it in Bali. Usually it is not very spicy, but if you ask, you can add more pepper.

The indigenous people of Bali love to feed tourists with spicy food, and if they see a positive reaction, they are very happy.

gado gado

Any vegetarian who comes to the restaurant can safely order a gado gado. This is a warm vegetable salad with walnut sauce. It is prepared from boiled potatoes and cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, shallots, boiled eggs and soy sprouts, corn and other vegetables can be added.

In restaurants, the sauce is prepared on its own, and in lower-class establishments, it is bought in stores and diluted with water. The salad is always served with rice and shrimp chips.

Tofu sticks are fermented, especially popular in Java, and are a good source of protein. Tempeh is sliced and fried and can be eaten with a sauce, in a salad, added to a sandwich, or as a side dish with meat. Tempeh is often served as a standalone dish.

Soup first appeared in Medam, the capital of North Sumatra. On the one hand, it is a soup with noodles, but the broth is prepared with the addition of turmeric, ginger, coconut milk, cumin, lemon leaves and lemongrass, galangal. The soup turns out very fragrant, it is added with an egg, rice noodles and fried potatoes. The addition of white rice directly to the plate gives the soup an unusual look, but this does not impair its taste.

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