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Food in Bali. What to eat on the island

Beluga – Russian restaurant on Jimbaran beach

Between the Four Seasons and Intercontinental hotels, in an area of 19 restaurants, the Beluga grill restaurant ( stands out. The owner of the cafe is our compatriot, so if you miss okroshka, dumplings or buckwheat, this is the place for you. In addition to Russian cuisine, they offer traditional coastal seafood, which is served not only with Balinese sauce.

but also with the usual European or garlic sauce. Watching the sunset on cushioned ottomans with a glass of wine takes place in a particularly relaxed atmosphere. While most nearby establishments only have seafood on their menu, at Beluga you can order various salads, meat, soups, lobsters or shrimp smoked on mango sawdust. The bartender from the Bali Moon company will prepare classic cocktails; a special feature is the presence of hookahs in the restaurant.

Where else to eat

Without going into details, all types of Balinese food establishments can be divided into restaurants, warungs and food courts. The prices, of course, are very different. For tourists on a small budget, restaurant prices can seem really daunting.

Each resort on the island of Bali has its own quiet street, where local warungs (cafes) offer seafood even cheaper – an average of 250 rupees per serving. One can hardly expect incredibly tasty cooking from such establishments. The main disadvantage is that in such restaurants seafood is used frozen.

Food courts in Bali are a favorite place for tourists. The food here is cheap and tasty. Cozy open areas under the sky are perfect for a quick and reasonably filling snack. Mobile kitchen carts serve as food preparation equipment. A group of five people can satisfy their hunger for just 1.7 thousand rupees. But it is not recommended to abuse such food; the European stomach is not adapted to it.

Salak (snake fruit)

Sneak fruit got its name due to its skin, which is very reminiscent of snake skin. The beige pulp is very aromatic, the taste reminiscent of either strawberries, or gooseberries with cherries. It is difficult to compare the sensations of tasting herring with some of the fruits we are familiar with. It is recommended to be eaten to remove waste and toxins from the body, which snake fruit does very well due to its high tannin content.

Martabaki, Teran Bulan and other pancakes.

Don’t forget about martabak, a strange dish that is a pancake fried in oil with a fried egg inside. For me, it’s such an explosive mixture. ? There are also vegetarian martabaki, but all of them are overcooked through and through. Martabaki can be bought in mobile makashniks, which are on duty near grocery stores or at night markets.

By the way, about pancakes. Here they are called Terang Bulan and are baked in a cast iron pan without sides. Local pancakes are always filled with chocolate, mushroom, and meat. Teran Bulans are quite edible, but personally I love the local creps – these are thin pancakes.

literally two millimeters wide. The crepes are rolled out on a cast iron wheel and stuffed with various tasty treats. My favorite filling: bananas with cheese, maybe with chocolate (in Bali this is a completely normal combination). These pancakes are more tender and juicy than all martabak and teran bulan combined. ?

Yes, pancakes in Bali are also green – durian, spinach, coconut (dadar). Don’t forget about the local dessert – sweet black rice with coconut milk and coconut pulp (Bubur).

Food in supermarkets

Those who are too lazy to haggle in an incomprehensible mixture of sign language, Russian and English should look into the island’s many supermarkets. The giant Transmart Carrefour (Sunset Road Building Lantai 3, Jl. Sunset Road) in Kuta has everything.

from food to household appliances; the assortment is a little more modest in the supermarkets of the Pepito chain – they are in Uluwatu (Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, Kuta Sel. ) and in Ubud (Jl. Raya Tebongkang, Singakerta). The “minimum food-drinks-chocolates” set is offered by even smaller supermarkets, which are found in all large villages.

Restaurants and Warungs in Bali

Bali has quite a variety of restaurants, from colorful warungs to luxury restaurants with European cuisine. It is recommended not to limit yourself to the hotel restaurant. You should go further into the streets. It’s just that in those restaurants that are located on the main streets of cities.

prices are higher in any case, and the cuisine is closer to European traditions. Turning into the side streets, you can find other restaurants – small, real Balinese warungs, where the prices are ridiculous, and the cuisine is excellent and corresponds to the real culinary traditions of the island of Bali.

Warung is a small room with a few tables and a glass display case displaying local dishes. Here you can have a hearty lunch for the equivalent of 2 US dollars. Many tourists enjoy visiting these establishments…and for good reason!


You can find both sweet and savory versions of this dish. Although the method of preparing sweet and salty martabak is very different. Sweet martabak (martabak manis) is a thick pancake with filling. The sweet filling comes with chocolate, nuts, bananas, condensed milk, etc. Salty martabak (martabak telur) is a thin dough in which a filling of eggs and other ingredients such as onions, chicken, beef, etc. is wrapped. Traditionally, it is prepared in evening time of day by street vendors.

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