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how to preserve the taste and aroma of your favorite mushrooms

Pies and pancakes are baked with them, added to soups, salads, julienne and served as an independent snack. And everyone’s favorite fried potatoes with chanterelles! Well, how can you resist? In addition, these mushrooms are rich in protein and vitamins B, PP, C, and especially A, which they contain more than carrots.

There are several types of chanterelles, but the most useful is the common chanterelle, the one that is easily recognizable by its yellow-orange color, wavy edges and a slight smell of dried fruit. In addition, these mushrooms are never wormy due to the special substances they contain that are detrimental to insects and parasites.

And so that chanterelles are on your table all year round, they are dried, pickled, salted, frozen, harvested in oil, and they also make special mushroom caviar, because in the season you can buy them freely and inexpensively on the market or collect them yourself.

In our selection, we present you the best recipes for chanterelles for the winter, which will help preserve the taste and aroma of these healthy mushrooms.

Chanterelles salted in jars

This simple recipe for preserving chanterelles for the winter will save you a headache – what to do with the entire mushroom crop? Double sterilization contributes to better preservation without the use of vinegar and long cooking of the product. In the past, it was believed that mushrooms must be boiled for a long time, but this is not so, long heat treatment kills their benefits and taste.

Note to the hostess: salted chanterelles according to this recipe are ideal for filling pies. Just throw them in a colander, let the liquid drain and chop with a knife. Be careful with the salt for the filling, because the mushrooms are already salty.

By the way: salt from canned mushrooms can be removed not only by boiling, but also by soaking.
A ready-made cold chanterelle appetizer – just sprinkle it with herbs or onions and enjoy the summer taste in winter!

Place in a heavy-bottomed saucepan, add refined vegetable oil, turn on medium heat and do not touch anything yet.
Bring the mushrooms to a boil, add salt (well salted), pepper, garlic and boil at a low boil for about an hour. Arrange the finished chanterelles in sterilized jars on the shoulders, add vinegar on top, and cork.
Note to the hostess: alcohol 9% vinegar in this recipe can be safely replaced with natural, only it will need a little more. Calculate the percentage, because natural fruit and berry vinegars most often do not exceed 6% in strength.

By the way: chanterelles can be cooked not so long. Enough for 20 minutes, just transfer the finished preservation to jars and only then sterilize these jars for 10-20 minutes, depending on the volume.

mushroom caviar

You can make so many things out of mushroom caviar – you will be surprised! First, the sandwiches, of course. And better – croutons. You can also stuff boiled eggs with it. And add it to soup. And in pasta sauce. And in salad dressing … Where else – you yourself think up.

Note to the hostess: start cooking 3 hours before serving. Be sure to store the mushrooms in the refrigerator or in another cool place where the temperature does not rise above 10 ° C. This will allow you not to worry about a possible infection with botulism. If you are still worried, it is better to simmer the caviar for 40 minutes before use. on low fire.

By the way: always keep dill and mustard seeds on hand – they will perfectly improve the taste of your preparation for the winter. And you don’t have to constantly monitor that there is no fresh herbs – dill seeds to taste perfectly replace it.

Mushroom confiture

Mushroom confiture? Come on! But in general, everything in this life is possible, even this. Why not?

Useful advice: the same mushroom jam for cheese and meat can be cooked from porcini mushrooms.

By the way: such a mushroom confiture can be made quite spicy. Just add a couple of small but very hot red Thai peppers to the recipe and your appetizer will sparkle with new flavors.

Who said that lecho should be cooked only from vegetables? Mushrooms are quite a harmonious ingredient there. And chanterelles with their forest smell and taste are just perfect for lecho.

Wash the tomatoes and dip them for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, and then immediately in ice water, remove the rough skin with a knife and chop with a food processor or a conventional meat grinder.
eWhen it boils, put the stewed chanterelles and fried onions into it. Add finely chopped garlic, washed, dried and chopped greens, as well as pepper (the amount of which depends on how much you like spicy), salt and sugar.

Let the mixture simmer slowly for 20-30 minutes. Take a sample (be sure to cool the spoon of lecho, otherwise you can make a mistake in the salt!) And if everything is “OK”, then place it in pre-prepared sterile jars, roll up the lids and put it upside down in a secluded place, wrapping it with a blanket for slow cooling.
Note to the hostess: vinegar is not needed: it is healthier for health, and there is plenty of acid in tomatoes.

By the way: tomato puree can be made without boiling water. Just cut the fruit into two halves, remove the stem and hard places near it, and then, holding the skin, grate it on the smallest grater. Throw away the skin.

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