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TOP-66 British Dishes Known All Over the World

British cuisine, products and culinary traditions include local habits, national customs and products from England, traditional cuisine and products from Scotland, general cooking styles and products from Wales.

But typical British food and cooking also absorbed significant culinary influences from the former countries and territories of the British Empire, and, probably, primarily from Ireland, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Canada, Australia.

The most popular British dishes

So, when we talk about British food culture, we mean traditional English food, traditional Scottish food, traditional Welsh food, and some food from the countries of the former British Empire.

This list of British dishes covers the most popular traditional English dishes, the most famous traditional Scottish dishes and the most popular traditional Welsh dishes.

In fact, this selection of the best British food ranges from the usual, classic British dishes to famous British dishes that are popular all over the world. Click on the picture for details.

Full English breakfast

The English breakfast is one of the most popular British dishes that you must try. For example, the traditional so-called full Scottish breakfast includes black pudding (black pudding). These regional variants are called full Scottish, full Welsh, full Irish…

The traditional full breakfast is a must-try British meal!

The plowman’s lunch was originally a traditional meal for British farm workers, they took it with them to work and ate it for lunch. If you are in an English restaurant at lunchtime, you should order a traditional plowman’s lunch and, of course, a glass of beer.

British Sunday lunch

The legendary Sunday roast is a favorite British Sunday lunch dish. As the name suggests, Sunday Roast refers to the fried foods traditionally served for Sunday lunch. This traditional British dish includes roast meat (most often beef) and roast potatoes as a main course, they are traditionally served with Yorkshire pudding, sauce and vegetables (most often carrots, beans, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, broccoli) as a side dish.

Although originally from England, Sunday roast is a popular Sunday dish also in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

British afternoon tea

British afternoon tea is always served with sandwiches, scones and jam, which is like a mixture of butter and cream. Preparation takes some time (but not very laborious) and it is worth it, because afternoon tea is not complete without it. You can also add pastries, cakes or cookies.

English Christmas dinner

One of the best parts of Christmas in the UK is the family meal, when families usually get together to prepare and enjoy the big feast. Each family has different traditions, but something common is included in the Christmas dinner.

Popular British cheeses

The famous British Stilton and Cheddar cheeses are some of the most popular British must-try dishes in Britain.

Stilton cheese is one of the most famous products from England. Delicious Stilton cheese comes from England.

Cheddar cheese is one of the most famous British foods in the world and a must try in Britain. Cheddar cheese

English black pudding is a traditional British sausage made with pig’s blood, lard, onions and oatmeal.

It is one of the best-selling cheeses in the world, along with Italian mozzarella and parmesan, French brie and camembert.

black pudding

White pudding is oatmeal sausage, just like the black pudding mentioned above, but without the blood. White pudding is made from pork, bread, oatmeal, fat, lard, onions and spices.

Oatmeal pudding, also called white pudding, is a popular Scottish dish.

White pudding is also a popular dish in Northern Ireland. The huge popularity in Scotland and Northern Ireland puts White Pudding on the list of the best British dishes.

English mustard

Known around the world, English mustard is a spicy mustard that will add rich flavor to your favorite dishes. It is a mustard made from a mixture of ground white and brown mustard seeds. The popular Colman’s mustard makes any meal instantly delicious as it is made from local ingredients to provide a complete British taste experience.

Traditional Scottish eggs

The traditional Scottish egg is one of the best British dishes to try as well. A delicious Scotch egg is a traditional British picnic food loved by all true Britons.

Shepherd’s Potato Pie

If you want to try a real British pie, then shepherd’s pie should be on your menu. Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional British meat pie topped with mashed potatoes. In fact, this is a casserole in the oven of meat and vegetables.

A real shepherd’s pie is made from lamb. Undoubtedly, shepherd’s pie is one of the best British dishes.

Pudding with beef and kidneys

Beef and kidney pudding is one of the most popular British dishes. Please don’t forget to add pudding to your list of must-have English dishes!

Hearty, meaty and comforting, this mouth-watering traditional English dish is made with beef broth, gravy and fried onions—anything you want in a dish that will warm you from the inside out.

British homemade pie

Pies are quite often part of traditional British meals. British homemade pie is another famous British dish. It looks like a shepherd’s potato pie.

But, while shepherd’s pie is traditionally served with lamb, homemade pie comes with beef.

Traditional Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is the national dish of England. In fact, this simple baked pudding is traditionally a side dish in England, made with eggs, flour, milk or water.

It is usually served as a simple pastry, as a first course with onion sauce, or as a main course with beef and sauce.

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