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Traditional Georgian dishes

Kinkily, khachapuri and churchkhela are so tasty that they are widely known among gourmets outside of Georgia. However, a gastronomic tour of Georgia will not be limited to tasting only the most famous Georgian delicacies. The cuisine of the proud Caucasian people will surprise and delight you every day, opening up new facets of tastes, smells.

shapes and textures. At the same time, no matter who you are – a meat-eater, a vegetarian or even a vegan – you will definitely remain satisfied and full. Georgian cuisine is rich and diverse, largely due to the fact that for many centuries individual mountain peoples lived in isolation from each other and formed unique culinary traditions that are not found anywhere else in the world. Immerse yourself in numerous shades of tastes, enjoying an unforgettable noisy Georgian feast and comprehending the essence of Georgian culture and Georgian hospitality.

We present you the top 10 most delicious Georgian dishes that you should definitely try when you come to this wonderful country!

Hinkle «kalamkari»

Many, hearing the phrase “Georgian dishes”, immediately remember kinkily, and for good reason. Kinkily is a true classic of Georgian cuisine. Neat pouches made of thinly rolled dough with tender minced meat boiled in its own juice are sure to please everyone who has ever tasted them. A variation of this dish called “kalamkari” appeared when kinkily (originally a dish of the highlanders) came from the mountainous Georgian villages to the cities (“kalamkari” means “urban” in Georgian).

The ingredients are laid out in a heated cauldron in layers: meat, chopped herbs, chopped onion, alternating them several times. In the process of stewing, wine and green sauce from a local variety of plums – tkemali are added to the container with the ingredients.


Pkhali – small patties made from spinach, beets, beans or other ingredients that are on hand. Walnuts and spices ground into a homogeneous mass are added to the boiled and crushed main product.  As a rule, pkhali is served on the table in the form of balls rolled from prepared nut and vegetable mass.

The upper part of such a ball can be decorated with a pomegranate seed. Pkhali is considered an appetizer and is often taken to the common table among the first courses, but the importance of this dish for Georgian cuisine in general should not be underestimated. Be sure to try these light and at the same time very satisfying cutlets made from a mixture of vegetables and nuts.

You have probably seen photos of this dish on the Internet or cookbooks. It is prepared quite simply, and the result exceeds the expectations of even sophisticated gourmets. Next, the blanks are cooled, and then a soft walnut-garlic pate is spread on them. The blank is rolled into a roll, the upper part of which is also decorated with a portion of a hearty spread and a few pomegranate seeds.

red bean lobio

Hot, slightly spicy, fragrant red beans, served traditionally in a clay pot (for long-term preservation of heat), will not leave anyone indifferent. When you think about which Georgian dishes to try first of all, be sure to add lobio to your list.

A rich mass of well-cooked red beans with the addition of fried onions and bell peppers, seasoned with fragrant spices, is suitable for a hearty lunch or dinner at any time of the year. Red bean lobio is a 100% vegetarian dish that is suitable even for vegans. However, it is easy to find variations of red lobio with bacon in Georgia.

According to legend, one of the local rulers ordered the court cook to quickly come up with a new dish, and he built a dish from ordinary products that were always at hand: chicken, milk, garlic and spices. It turned out that these products are ideally combined with each other.

To prepare shkmeruli, chicken is separately fried, divided into large pieces, and milk-garlic sauce is prepared separately, seasoned with fragrant coriander, utskho-suneli spice and Svan salt. In some cases, a little adjika and butter are added to the dish.

Adjarian khachapuri

If we continue the list, talking about which Georgian dishes are the most delicious, then Adjarian khachapuri takes pride of place in it. Yes, definitely, khachapuri is at the top of the list of must-try dishes in Georgia. It appeared in the Georgian region of Adjara.

and its form and ingredients are closely related to the characteristics of life in the subtropics of the Black Sea coast. The shape of the boat came from close contact with the sea, and the juicy yolk in the center of the khachapuri symbolizes the sun, with which Adjara is treated kindly in any season.

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