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How to fry without oil in a pan and is it possible?

Fried potatoes or a piece of white fish with a golden crust, sizzling in a pan … We know that this is very harmful, but how delicious it is! It’s impossible to resist.

The aroma of fried meat or fried vegetables is the most attractive. It is for the smell that most products are recommended to be thrown into the pan before stewing or baking, since as a result the dish will turn out to be much tastier than without additional frying.

Another disadvantage of fried foods is their high calorie content. Just think, refined sunflower oil, on which we fry most often, has as many as 900 kcal per 100 ml.   Or you can bake on a baking sheet, for example, chicken meat marinated in spices and breaded.  If you close the lid with this method, then the product will languish, as in an oven.

I fry in refined sunflower oil, sometimes I add butter. You can also use clarified butter. It can even be made at home. Take a pack of butter, put it in a warm place, leave for 40 minutes, it will melt, exfoliate, white whey will collect from below, and 100% fat from above.

Everyone who monitors their diet and tries to use a minimum of various fats in their diet and when cooking is interested in a simple question: is it possible to fry eggs, meat, meatballs, potatoes, pancakes and other products without oil in a pan, which is better to choose a pan for such frying , and also, how to fry properly so that it does not burn and turns out tasty and healthy?

You can fry without using oil, while some dishes can be prepared no less tasty and much healthier. Not everyone knows that when frying, for example, in ordinary sunflower oil at high temperatures, harmful substances are released from it that negatively affect the digestive system and the whole body as a whole. Therefore, avoiding the use of oil when frying can have a positive effect on health.

The process of frying without oil is slightly different from standard frying, and first of all it is important to choose a good frying pan for this purpose.

Cast iron pans are another equally popular type of frying pan, while for frying without the use of oil and fats, it is better to use a grill pan with a ribbed bottom.

The last suitable option for frying and stewing foods without the use of oil is an ordinary frying pan, but with a thick bottom and walls (such a frying pan heats up evenly and the food does not burn when cooked with proper frying and stewing). It is also important not to forget that when cooking meat, cutlets, mushrooms and most vegetables, it is better to use a frying pan with a lid so that the food can be stewed (by adding water, in its own juice or using special sauces and marinades).

Ceramic or Teflon pan with non-stick coating. A non-stick pan is suitable for frying a wide variety of products without oil, while the frying process itself differs little from standard frying (the main thing is to constantly monitor the process so that it does not burn).

Grilled cast iron skillet. This type of frying pan is a good option for frying various types of meat, as the cast iron heats up evenly and retains heat well, and the special ribbed structure of the bottom of the frying pan contributes to good frying of the meat and prevents it from burning.

Regular frying pan. As mentioned earlier, it is best to use a heavy-bottomed pan and, depending on the food to be fried, use a lid. An interesting way of frying in an ordinary pan is frying on parchment (a sheet of parchment is placed on the bottom of the pan for baking food, cut out according to the shape of the pan).

With this type of frying, the products do not burn and turn out delicious, even without the addition of oils during frying. By the way, when frying pancakes, an ordinary frying pan can be lubricated with a slice of raw potatoes so that the pancakes do not stick during frying.

In conclusion to the article, it can be noted that knowing how to fry food without oil so that they do not burn, you can cook delicious dishes in a pan that contain a minimum of excess fat (for example, from vegetable oil), while the frying process itself will not deliver a lot of trouble. We leave our feedback and useful tips on which pan is better to use when frying without oil and fat, as well as how to fry meat, scrambled eggs,

You can fry meat and poultry, some types of fish, pancakes and pancakes without additional fat. But you can’t cook fried potatoes – they will turn out dry and tasteless. Hence the main rule – be guided by the recipe and common sense, even if you can fry in a pan without oil!

It is important to understand that not all materials from which pans are made can be heated empty for a long time. Often the oil is poured just to protect the dishes. When dry roasting, there are always gaps between the products – in these areas the bottom or the coating, which is not intended for long heating, may be damaged.

You should not choose a stainless steel pan for frying without adding fat. Yes, stainless steel cookware is the most popular in professional kitchens. But at home and without skills it is very difficult to cook in it – everything literally sticks to the bottom.

Keep in mind that a dry pan is recommended for quick frying or cooking foods that release their fat. In some cases, a light lubrication or spray of oils on the surface solves the problem.

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