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TOP 10 dishes of Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine cannot be called the most popular in the world, but, undoubtedly, it is one of the most colorful and unusual. No country in the world has so many unique recipes. Due to the vast extent of the country and the spread of geographical zones, it is also the most diverse.

Russian cuisine is a variety of soups and cereals, pancakes and fragrant pastries, jams and pickles. Some of these dishes are well known all over the world. Consider the TOP 10 dishes that can be called the “face” of Russian cuisine abroad.


In the menu of many restaurants in the world you can find Russian pancakes. They are served with jam and sour cream, with honey and cottage cheese, with salted fish and caviar.

It is believed that pancakes appeared in Rues’ at the very beginning of the 1000s. ad. For many of us, dear memories of childhood, grandmother’s kitchen, and Maslenitsa festivities are associated with this dish. Pancakes are cooked on unleavened and yeast dough.

milk and water, fried in a pan or baked in a Russian oven. Stuffed pancakes are very popular in Russia. It can be not only sweet, but also meat, vegetable, mushroom or cottage cheese. A truly royal dish for the festive table are pancakes with black or red caviar.


For foreigners, this dish seems too unusual, but in Russia not a single winter holiday can do without jelly. Hearty, thick, fragrant, seasoned with mustard or horseradish, it instantly awakens the appetite. The same applies to the filling.

For the preparation of jelly, different parts of pork or beef are used. The main thing is to cook the broth so steep that it freezes without gelatin. But the aspic is prepared with gelatin, more expensive pieces of meat, boiled tongue and fish can be used for it.  It is enough to remember how many nutrients are contained in rich meat or fish broth!

Russian salad

In the list of the most famous Russian dishes, Olivier salad is sure to be present. It is nutritious, saturates very quickly and is incredibly tasty! By the way, all over the world it is called “Russian salad”.

It is believed that the original recipe for the dish was invented by the Frenchman Lucien Olivier, who worked as a restaurateur in the Moscow Hermitage in the middle of the 19th century. In pre-revolutionary cookbooks, in the salad recipe, you can see fried hazel grouse, crayfish, veal tongue, capers and Provence sauce. Today, the dish is prepared in a modern manner, with other products. Of course, today’s Olivier only remotely resembles a dish invented by a Frenchman.


Pies are prepared in different countries, but such a variety as in Russia, perhaps, cannot be found in any cuisine of the world. They are made in different shapes and sizes from different dough – unleavened, yeast and puff.

As for the fillings, their variety is limited only by the imagination of the cook who prepares them. Fillings can be sweet (jam, jam, fruits and berries) and savory (egg with green onions, meat, fish, cabbage, mushrooms, etc.). Pies can be served separately and as an addition to the first course.


Many foreigners are enthusiastic about Russian borscht. Europeans and Americans rarely eat soups, so borscht cooked in meat broth with the addition of healthy vegetables and seasoned with sour cream gives them real gastronomic pleasure.

It is believed that Russian borscht should be prepared with beef bone broth, unlike Ukrainian borscht, which requires pork ribs. However, this rule is rather conditional. Fatty sour cream, chopped herbs and, of course, donuts – small buns made from yeast dough are a great addition to the dish.


In many cuisines of the world there are small pies with a variety of fillings. But dumplings are always associated with Russian cuisine. The greatest popularity was won by Siberian dumplings – small, made in the form of “ears”. By the way.

in Siberia it is customary to sculpt hundreds of dumplings and make stocks for several months in advance. The most delicious minced meat is made from pork and beef, and a little water or broth is added to the filling for juiciness.

Boiled or fried, baked or deep-fried, dumplings are a real temptation for any gourmet. A

The vinaigrette

Vinaigrette, beloved by everyone, has been and remains a classic of Russian cuisine. Vinaigrette was originally a French dressing made from olive oil, mustard and vinegar. In Russian cuisine of the 18th century, this was the name given to a salad of finely chopped boiled vegetables, which was seasoned with oil and vinegar. The peak of the popularity of vinaigrette in Russia came in the 20th century.

During the period of its existence, the famous salad has undergone many changes, but the main components have always remained the same – beets, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes. Instead of a dressing based on olive oil and vinegar, today it is customary to season the dish with sunflower oil.

Herring under a fur coat

Herring under a fur coat is another signature Russian dish, well known abroad. In Russia, this dish is loved by both adults and children, not a single holiday can do without it. Foreigners who see the treat for the first time are wary of it – they are somewhat frightened by the strange combination of herring and boiled vegetables, as well as the abundance of mayonnaise. The name of the salad, “fur coat”, also seems mysterious to them. However, in most cases, they like the taste of the dish.

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