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Best brunch deals in Baku

The long-awaited weekend is coming and this is a great reason to sleep longer, and then take a walk around the city and get together at a common table in a cafe or cozy restaurant! If this is how you like to spend your weekend, then our new review of brunches in the capital’s establishments is definitely for you. Brunch is a form of Sunday lunch, invented by students at Oxford back in the 80s of the 19th century. Brunch, a cross between brunch and lunch, is served on weekends between 11:00 and 16:00.
So, the best offers in Baku.

Baku cafef

Spend your weekend morning with your loved ones, and BAKU cafe will take care of the rest. What is there here – delicious tomato-yumurta, pancakes, favorite Azerbaijani cheeses and preserves, aromatic tea… The most delicious cheesecakes in the city, tender pancakes that disappear from plates in the blink of an eye, eggs benedict that will leave you speechless and more …And all this is served from 09:00 to 15:00!

Coffee House Azerbaijan

The best way to replenish energy is breakfast. It gives a boost of energy, improves performance and brain activity, increases vitality and mood. “Coffee House” knows exactly how to restore and improve balance through healthy and delicious breakfasts! Here you are welcome every day from 8 to 11 am, and will be offered a choice of two breakfasts: Good Morning for 9.90 AZN (Omelet with cheese.

mushrooms and tomatoes or fried eggs or scrambled eggs with tomatoes, assorted cheeses (feta + Gouda), sausages, honey , jam, olives, sliced fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, a basket of bread with salted butter, juices (orange/apple), tea or Americano coffee) or Pro Breakfast for 9.90 AZN (Cheesecakes with sour cream and berries, oatmeal or rice porridge , croissant, honey, jam, a basket of bread with salted butter, juices (orange/apple), tea or Americano coffee.

Boulevard Hotel Baku

The main rule of breakfast: it should be there. Whether you will have lunch or not, whether you will share lunch with a friend, whether your dinner will be light, depends entirely on how you rearrange your routine and diet. However, a proper morning meal is an absolute guarantee of a productive day. Breakfast is served in the Green House Kitchen from 06:30 to 10:30. Price: 25 AZN.

Intourist Hotel Baku

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Intourist on the wonderful sea terrace – admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. Be sure to try the fresh pastries, lace pancakes and excellent julienne! Intourist loves breakfast and serves it every day: on weekdays from 6:00 to 10:30, and on weekends until 11:00! On the menu you will find delicious pancakes, fresh pastries, delicious egg dishes, healthy smoothies and fresh juices. Breakfast price – 30 AZN per person.

Atelier Vivanda Baku

A perfect day off starts with breakfast! A cool terrace, sweet, crisp pastries with fruit filling, thin, delicate crepes with powdered sugar and summer berries, cold cold meats and famous French cheeses – after such a breakfast your day will be 100% great.

Fresh baguettes with a crispy crust, delicious cold cuts, several varieties of French cheeses, pancakes with sweet fruit filling, fluffy cheesecakes, pastries made from delicate puff pastry, strong black coffee and freshly squeezed juices. Every Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 a late breakfast is served here, gradually leading into an early lunch. The price for adults is 20 AZN, and children under 7 years old have breakfast for free!


Start your morning tasty and healthy! At the end of each week, on Saturday and Sunday, Barin is waiting for you for hearty porridges, delicate pancakes, golden pancakes and other delicacies. Traditional Russian breakfasts are served here from 10:00 to 13:00.


From 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday and Sunday you are invited to try:
English breakfast from MariVanna London: a hearty and large breakfast for those who are very hungry: scrambled eggs, home-style potatoes, sausages, mixed salad, bacon, mushrooms and beans in tomato sauce.

Authentic American Breakfast from MariVanna New York: Light and delicious breakfast: serve eggs benedict on a brioche bun with fresh salmon and hollandaise sauce.
Breakfast at the Patriarchs from MariVanna Moscow: Homemade Russian breakfast: fluffy hot pancakes with sour cream and delicious jam.
Favorite breakfast from MariVanna Baku – two options! Traditional hearty breakfast with kyukyu or omelette with tomatoes (your choice) and a generous plate of bread, cheeses, butter and nuts.

Paris Bistro

The French are known all over the world not only for their cuisine, but also for their ability to decorate even the most everyday meals with special chic. Likewise, breakfasts in France have a special atmosphere, especially on Sundays! Where can you find one like this in Baku? You already know! Get enough sleep and come to Paris Bistro for breakfast! Very hungry? Order a super hearty English breakfast. If you prefer something lighter, try a traditional Parisian breakfast – a fluffy croissant accompanied by strong coffee. Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 13:00.

Toro Steakhouse & Grill

Toro Steakhouse & Grill invites you for tomorrow, which includes tea, scrambled eggs, cream, honey, various cheeses, etc. Breakfast is served on weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00, on Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00. Set cost: 20 AZN for 2 persons.

Cafe City

Sunday breakfasts should be special, so we invite you to the cozy CafeCity. Breakfasts here are so late that they last until 13:00, and even those who like to sleep in longer on weekends will have time to enjoy the delicious offers from the establishment’s menu.

Merci Baku

If you woke up late and there is no feeling of anxiety and no need to rush anywhere, then the weekend has begun! And here brunch at Merci baku is at your service. Don’t want a French breakfast, or maybe you prefer traditional Azerbaijani? The choice is yours, but in any case you will be satisfied and full.

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