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National cuisine of the Dominican Republic

Dominican cuisine is a bizarre mixture of local recipes and dishes of African and European cuisine, which is interpreted in its own way by each chef. The food will be interesting to Ukrainian tourists, as it differs from the traditional European diet.

What to try in the Dominican Republic? We offer the top 9 dishes that will introduce you to the main traditions of Dominican cuisine. Review of the best food and drink in the country.


The basis of this Caribbean dish is vegetable plantains, which are fried with garlic and then pureed. Another traditional ingredient is pork rinds, which are often added when frying.

Only green bananas, unripe and hard, are suitable for mofongo. The dish is easy to prepare and serves both as a side dish and as an independent meal (in this case it is made with various fillings, for example, shrimp, beef, chicken). To serve, mofongo is shaped into a ball or hemisphere, sometimes turned into an edible plate.

Pastelon de platanos

Meat pie with bananas sounds quite unusual. Bananas are used in this dish instead of traditional dough. Its taste is somewhat unusual for European tourists, but it’s definitely worth trying this casserole pie at least once.


You can try this dish at street stalls and eateries. The mixture is seasoned with spices and wrapped in banana leaves or corn cob shells.

There is also a sweet version of guanimes, in which the filling is banana puree, cooked with coconut cream, supplemented with honey, cinnamon, and anise. This is a delicious and nutritious dessert.

Asopao de mariscos

The ingredients of this traditional Dominican soup are rice, various vegetables and seafood (it can also be prepared with meat, such as chicken).

The soup turns out thick, rich, satisfying. It is enhanced with savory seasonings and is often served with fried plantains and orange sauce.


This national dish of the Dominican Republic is a soup, all the ingredients of which cannot be named at once, there are too many of them. Sancocho is prepared in a rich broth of meat or fish, to which other meat ingredients are added: ribs, sausages, lard, small fish or individual pieces, vegetables, peppers, onions, garlic, herbs. Another required component is young corn.

There are many variations of this first course, because each cook brings something different to it. The soup turns out very thick, aromatic, satisfying, reminiscent of a stew.


The basis of this Dominican dish is also green bananas. They are stewed or boiled, and then seasoned with oil and turned into a pleasant-tasting puree that goes well with many dishes. For example, for breakfast in the Dominican Republic, manga is traditionally served with fried cheese, bacon or salami, omelet or scrambled eggs. You can try this food in many restaurants of the resort.

There is also a sweet version of this dish.

Habichuelas guisadas

This is a traditional Dominican food, which is a pureed bean soup that was once prepared by the poor. It uses simple and inexpensive ingredients (beans, garlic, onions, seasonings), and the result is a thick, tasty, and most importantly satisfying and nutritious meal.

Today, abichuelas guisadas are one of the favorite dishes of the locals. You can try it in cafes and restaurants of Dominican cuisine.

Arroz con leche

One of the traditional Dominican desserts is sweet rice pudding, prepared with milk and supplemented with citrus juice, cinnamon, zest, and sugar. They eat it with banana chips (this is the option locals prefer), nuts, and biscuit crumbs.

The tender pudding is often prepared for Christmas. It is served to tourists in disposable cups or beautiful transparent glasses.

Dominican Rum

Rum is a unique signature of the Dominican Republic; it is this drink that tourists seek to try and bring home as a souvenir. The locals love him too. It can be consumed either in its pure form or used as one of the ingredients in cocktails. It is also added to baked goods or meat dishes.

Once upon a time, rum was the favorite drink of pirates, who replaced it with water and even used it for disinfection. Today you can buy it in almost any store or shop. Several types of rum are produced in the Dominican Republic.

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