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If you can eat 12 sausage rolls in one go, make these; you won’t be able to help…

If you can eat 12 sausage rolls in one go, make these; you won’t be able to help yourself ?

These are honey and fennel flavour and they taste amazing! The weather is horrid all weekend so I’m staying in and baking…and I might make some more homemade chocolates too…and I should then probably do some pilates to balance everything out because lockdown 2.0 is making me eat everything ?

INGREDIENTS(Makes approx 12 generously sized rolls)
375g pork sausages – I used tescofood pork & honey chipolatas (meat removed from skins)
1/2tsp freshly cracked pepper
1-2tsp fennel seeds (depending on how much you like the flavour)
3tsp ‘steak’ seasoning (I really like the one from sainsburys as it has lots of whole seeds in it)
1tbsp honey (I used some soft set from hilltop_honey)

250g pack puff pastry (I had a 500g block of jus_rol in the fridge and only needed 1/2)
1 egg for glazing (clarence_court for the best yolks)
A pinch of poppy seeds for the topping (optional)

1 – pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6.
2 – mix all filling ingredients together in bowl until well combined. (I crushed the seeds a little first). Scrunch everything together with your hands (it will be sticky but it comes together fine).
3 – roll out the puff pastry into a long rectangle (about as thick as a pound coin).
4 – making a sausage shape, place the mix along the pastry, just off centre.
5 – crack the egg into a bowl and briefly mix. Brush the egg wash along one side of the exposed pastry next to the sausage meat (it will act as a kind of glue). Fold one side over to meet the the other & firmly press to seal. You should now have a massive sausage roll.
6 – cut into bite-sized portions (or whatever you like) and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet with the seam at the bottom. Score the top of each & brush with the remaining egg wash. Sprinkle with poppy seeds & get them in the oven!
7 – bake on gas mark 6 for about 25mins until really golden & cooked through.

Tip: I like to brush over a second egg wash about halfway through cooking so they’re extra golden and crunchy!
© ~real.foodie

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