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15 popular Australian dishes to try

In a country as diverse as Australia, there is always something to put on your plate.

What is meant by Australian cuisine?

Locals dine on fried rice, Thai or Mediterranean food, etc., but none of these dishes are Australian. They are just part of Australia’s multicultural cuisine and belong to other countries.

What has become cliché or sometimes obvious, and what will surprise you.

The unique Australian culinary history can rightly boast of the following dishes (I have selected 20 dishes with some Sydney bias, where you can try them):

Hamburger with beetroot

You can try all the burgers in the world, but you won’t find anything more “Australian” than sliced beetroot on an Australian beef patty.

The dish is so delicious that Ronald McDonald backed the McOz hamburger campaign unreservedly many years ago. Wrap the Thai Green Curry Chicken in a layer of batter for an Australian version of this pie.

Chinese restaurants are scattered throughout the cities here. He is remembered for his yellow and blue packaging in a frivolous film, a marketing ploy that made movie and DVD lovers aware of the treat.

Crab sticks

They are called crab sticks, but are they made from crab? Without crab sticks it is impossible to imagine the culture of Australia. It is a dish of processed minced white fish meat that is shaped and boiled to resemble the meat of a crab claw or leg.

And therefore, it is still considered crab, and not a cheap local deep-fried product.

Barramundi (Barramundi)

Arguably the most Australian of all fish, the Barramundi gets its name, which means “large river fish” in the Aboriginal language.

It is best to fry or brown the skin first (more rarely it is battered or deep-fried), and is usually served as a fish steak seasoned with herbs and butter.

Grilled Kangaroo

Why not try the meat of the national animal? There are too many kangaroos in some regions. Plus, they don’t emit methane, and their meat is low in fat. It is usually lightly fried, usually on one side.

Roll with bacon and cheese (Cheese and bacon roll)

This dish is not for those who care about their health, but rather for those who suffer from the consequences of a rough night. A cheese roll is simply pieces of bacon and cheese wrapped in dough. It is a popular appetizer filling in Australia.

In Britain, it is called the “vanilla slice”, while the Australians claim that it was they who invented the vanilla custard layered dough sprinkled with powdered sugar.

As with Pavlova, Australians are arguing for the right to be the birthplace of the vanilla slice. Although in there it is called a piece of custard, which is perhaps more accurate.

Australians cook this kiwi slice. Both dishes are incredible!

Vegemite on toast

Some people like to eat vegemite in large portions, others use it as a spread, but one way or another, everyone loves vegemite.

Vegemite is much better and spicier, this is not just a sweet dessert for you.

The algorithm is simple: spread the paste on the sandwich as soon as possible and, if possible, evenly.

The dish is so popular that U.S. Customs banned the import of Vegemite, causing a furor in the Australian media, which sent their protests to the White House.

Crocodile (Crocodile)

The dish, although not unique, but the character of the notorious film Mick Dundee said that the crocodile has become a symbol of Australia.

To taste the local marinara sauce, my friend went to downtown Sydney.

Add a couple of chili peppers for a spicy kick (and the flavor is amazing) and don’t forget to grab a glass of beer or a chilled Chardonnay.

In Australia, people have always wondered why Americans call a simple tomato sauce mariner.

Meat pies

You can’t be called Australian until you’ve tasted meat pie. And more than once. Layered packaging with vicious pleasure is the perfect example of Australian cuisine.

Colloquially, it sounds like “dog’s eye” (meat pie), and the ingredients for the dish are still in question in Australia.

Today, there are many sophisticated and expensive versions of this dish sold in stores, but the real pie should be enjoyed with mashed potatoes and sauce.

Bolognese (Spagbol)

Of course, this entry may cause some surprise on your part, because spaghetti Bolognese is a typical Italian dish.

But when it’s made with delicious Australian meat and mushrooms, it’s definitely Australian.

Chico roll Chiko roll

Thanks to Chinese stuffed pancakes, this dish is a symbol of Australian cuisine.

Perhaps something unsuitable for consumption is added here.

In some chico rolls, ingredients are added that are simply difficult to determine.

Well, it enriches our worldly experience.

Chico rolls are usually eaten on the go and are served at local fish restaurants, or you can purchase them from vendors at train stations.

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