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Dakshin brings South Indian street food to the fore with this unique 12-day food festival

Get ready for a taste from the streets of South India. Dakshin has built a famous stronghold in South Indian cuisine. Dakshin is one of the best specialty restaurants in Chennai Crowne Plaza Chennai, Adhar Park. It hosts a street food festival called ‘Streets of Dakshin’ from 18 to 29 November 2020. The festival will provide the perfect platform for Chennaiites to taste some of the select street food from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Specially curated by renowned master chef Vijay, the festival will be a celebration of the flavors of South India.

Chalki offers street food like Kalan Masala, Madurai Mutton Chukka, Palamburi, Nadan Erachi Ullathu, Khana Rava Fry, Ennekai to Jigarthanda, Halbai, Siroti and many more. A major highlight of the festival is to bring street food to the mainstream food scene so that foodies can indulge without worrying about safety and hygiene. The recreated environment with several live street food counters with unique street-style carts, lighting and artwork provides the perfect backdrop to savor the traditional flavors.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

The whole plant of Ashwagandha has medicinal benefits. Ashwagandha is called Amukkira kilangu in Tamil Nadu in northern language. There are two types of it, Simai Aukkira and Country Aukkira. Tradition suggests that chives are best. It is also known as herbal viagra. Ashwagandha is a plant used in herbal medicine. The root and leaves of this plant are used medicinally. Ashwagandha also has various names like Ashwagandhi, Amukuravi, Amukiri, Ashuvam, Asivagam, Irulichevi, Varakarni.


Ashwagandha has anti-stress power. Due to tension and stress, depression and physical fatigue will occur. It removes that tiredness and refreshes you. Its adaptogenic and nutritional properties reduce depression. This reduces our stress and gives us a restful sleep


Studies have found that this ashwagandha tuber is used to increase insulin secretion in diabetic patients. It has the ability to control and stabilize blood sugar levels not only in diabetics but also in healthy people.

Joint Pain:

A study found that people over the age of 30 who suffer from joint swelling and pain in the joints can reduce joint pain if they use Ashwagandha. In Ayurveda, gout is caused by an imbalance of beta carotene in our body to the intestines and digestive system. Ashwagandha has a beta-satin-enhancing effect.


Ashwagandha combined with “maitake mushroom extract” can help us get rid of the infection. For problems related to colds, this ashwagandha is mixed with tea and drunk to cure colds.


Thyroid problem occurs due to lack of G4 hormone secreted in our body. Research has found that Ashwagandha increases this hormone. Research is still going on to find a permanent solution for thyroid.

Properties of green grapes!

Both black and green grapes are high in water content. Many people know it as beautifying for the skin. At the same time, let’s take a look at the properties of green grapes and how to use green grapes to keep your mane shiny!

1. Green grapes make the skin smooth and glowing. Squeeze 4 green grapes with your hands daily and apply the juice on your face. Wash off after 10 minutes and the skin will feel smooth.

2. If you have oily skin, mix half a teaspoon of green grape juice with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it on your face and massage it. Due to this, the excess oil in the skin is removed and the face shines like marble.

3. Green grape juice helps to get rid of pimples and prevents pimples. Mix half a teaspoon of musk turmeric with the juice of two crushed mint leaves. Mix some grape juice and lemon juice to make a paste and apply it on your face. Wash off after 10 minutes and the pimples on the face will disappear. Prevents further pimples. The skin is also smooth.

4. Green grape juice tightens sagging skin and gives a youthful appearance. Take one egg white in a bowl. Take equal amount of grape juice and lemon juice and add it to egg white and beat it well. Apply this as a `pack’ on the face, neck and hands, dry it for 20 minutes and wash it off. Green grapes soften the skin. Lemon juice cleanses the skin. Eggs tighten sagging skin. By doing this twice a week, the old look will disappear and the youth will shine.

5. Green grapes also have the ability to make red fruits shine. Dry and powder the orange peel. Mix one teaspoon of this powder with one teaspoon of grape juice and apply it on the face and neck area and wash it off. By doing this, the roughness of the skin will be removed and the color will increase. Raisins also play a significant role in supporting beauty. Beetroot juice mixed with dried grapes and applied daily on the lips will make the lips red like a gourd.

6. Take equal quantity of raisins and almonds and grind them finely in a mixer. If you apply this on your face, soak it for a while and then wash it off, your face will glow like a facial.

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