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National dishes, Indian cuisine features

In any decent restaurant, thali does not have a special portion. You will be told the ingredients until you are full. One waiter will be assigned to the table, periodically wondering if there is anything to report.

In the evenings, Indians prefer cheese. The most favorite is fresh, young cheese – paneer. It’s just that no one eats it. In Indian cuisine, there are a huge variety of dishes, where the main and secondary component is paneer. For example .

cheese is cooked in combination with onions, garlic, vegetables, spices, and this dish is called paneer korma. There is also Palak paneer, which is a nuclear green soup. This shade is given to it by spinach, boiled to the state of gruel. But paneer 60 enjoys the greatest love. These are pieces of cheese stuffed with garlic and nuts. First, they are stewed in sauce, and then dried on the grill. They are eaten either as an appetizer for beer, or as an independent dish with rice.

Not without pilaf in India, which, like in Russia, came from Asia. True, it is not at all like the real pilaf that is prepared in Asian states. In India they ruined it. Therefore, if you have a choice, then order a vegetarian one. It is prepared with cheese, fruit, and practically no seasonings are added.

For an after-dinner dessert, try sop, aniseed with sugar. Firstly, this is a delicious dish, secondly, it kills an unpleasant odor, and thirdly, it has a fruitful effect on digestion. You should forget about meat in India. You will definitely not see beef, since most Indians consider the cow a sacred animal – one of the manifestations of Shiva. The killing of this animal is punishable by law in the country. As for pork, there are also many Muslims who call it dirty meat and also do not eat it.

There is no special variety in the national Indian cuisine. Only three types of meat can be found here: tandoori, biryani and meat curry. It is served only in the evening. Despite the fact that there are three meat variations, Indians prefer only curry. It’s really tasty, but incredibly spicy. Yes, and the combination of chicken, lamb and goat meat will seem not quite familiar. Any meat dish will cost from 25 rupees.

Seafood can be tasted on the seashore. They are prepared in the same way as all national dishes, namely with the addition of a large amount of spices, which completely clog the natural taste of seafood. You have probably heard that Indians are very fond of sweets. They do not suffer from weight loss in the country, but on the contrary, they believe that the fatter a woman is, the more beautiful she is.

There are as many German confectioneries and bakeries on the city streets as there are eateries. Surprisingly, even the Germans themselves are surprised at the assortment. Instead of standard Aryan sweets, original national dishes are laid out on the shelves. It is possible to single out rasgullah-paneer, filled with syrup, and kulfi – ice cream with spices and sweet syrup.

Indians are very fond of the so-called lassi. This is a dairy shake with the addition of nuts and fruits. You can try it in any cafĂ© and just on the street at the merchants. The delicacy will cost about 5 rupees. Some restaurants offer a special lassi on the menu – this is the same drink, only with the addition of marijuana, which is banned in many parts of India. If you nevertheless purchased a drink that you prepared in accordance with the technology, then you will part with a clear mind for a maximum of 4 hours.

Not without borrowings in the local cuisine. If you’re lucky, you can stumble upon a restaurant serving a combination of European cuisine with national traditions. It turns out well. For example, the Olivier salad was on the menu. It will differ from the world famous only in the added pineapples, beans and papaya. Such a transformation was carried out with many famous dishes. Even Italian pizza made the list.

Getting to know Indian cuisine is not considered complete until you visit one of the locals. If offered, do not refuse, as people may be offended. At home, they eat the same things, only according to their recipes. Surprisingly.

only men cook, they are the first to sit down to eat. This does not apply to tourists, so if you are traveling with a girl, she will be seated at the table with everyone else. Having eaten, the tourist may be offered a drink. Refuse and leave, as Indians drink mostly beer diluted with rum. Get drunk from this combination in a matter of hours.

Some dishes are very strange, but you can get used to it. It is quite possible that over time you will fall in love with this country and will indulge your loved ones with new interesting combinations and unwillingness to eat cutlery.

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