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Indian food

That is why Indian cuisine is not just a mechanism for eating food, but a kind of action filled with national traditions.

India – the birthplace of vegetarianism

Except Muslim Indians, none of the representatives of this nation eats meat. Only Islam allows its followers to eat poultry, goat meat and lamb. If we talk about dishes that are customary to eat in the Northern part of India.

then here you can find many Central Asian dishes. Mughlai dishes have a very rich and rich taste. All of them are usually generously seasoned with various spices, sprinkled with saffron and nuts.

It was here that the famous tandoori was invented. According to local traditions, which even Muslims adhere to, the meat of any cattle should not be eaten in any case. Although if we talk about the population living in Goa, then the main dish included in their daily diet is rice with pork.

North Indian dishes usually use ghee and wheat. The use of ghee in these dishes is due to the fact that it is considered a sacred product that has a cleansing property, like all products made on the basis of cow’s milk. As the Indians are sure, the use of this product in various dishes indicates the wealth of the families preparing them.

Religious prescriptions and some natural conditions made India the birthplace of vegetarianism. After all, the main part of this country has a very hot climate, which does not allow storing meat for a long time. At the same time.

the same climate contributes to an excellent harvest of vegetables and fruits, which are collected by Indians 3-4 times a year.  Moreover, Muslims do not eat pork, and followers of Hinduism never eat beef.  In this case, they even eat separately from each other.

Moreover, for many Indians living in this part of the country, this way of eating is the only one. Here it is also not customary to eat garlic and onions, you can not eat tomatoes and beets, since both of these products have the color of blood. But the inhabitants of these places with great pleasure eat dishes made from boiled rice, sweet peppers, dates and yellow lentils.

Traditional Indian food

Very spicy vegetable curries are very popular in the southern part of the country. The name curry here refers to a whole group of dishes. All of them have a thick texture, contain a large amount of freshly ground spices and the difference in their composition allows you to distinguish these dishes from each other.

South Indian cuisine is based on coconut and rice. In the north of the country, rice is used in dishes somewhat less often and very often it is replaced with such cakes as: chappati, puri, nan, etc. Throughout this country.

dal is very popular, which is a soup made from vegetables and crushed lentils. In addition, such a drink as dhai is incredibly popular. This drink, which is yogurt or curdled milk, is very thirst-quenching and is usually served with curries.

Legumes have a very high nutritional value due to their high protein content. And vegetables are valued for the complete absence of cholesterol in them. The dishes prepared in Indian villages are very different from the dishes prepared in the city.

A great influence on the preparation of the diet is the fact that the villagers grow all the products for their food on their own. Moreover, the choice of these products is seriously influenced by the time of year. The same ingredients that they cannot grow on their own, they buy from the bazaars.

In the western part of India, seafood and fish have become very popular. Indians are very fond of eating mackerel, red lute, licorice, king prawns and other seafood, which are so rich in local waters.

They stew it, pickle it, cook it on a grill and a frying pan, while it acquires a very pungent smell. Bengali sweets such as sandesh and misti dohi are especially famous throughout India. Only Bengali chefs know how to properly prepare these products.

The entire population of this country is very fond of a drink made from water and lemon juice, which is called nimbu panch. During the summer, all Indians drink mango juice. Alcoholic drinks are usually not very popular here. Instead.

food is usually served with water. Indians are also very fond of drinking tea and coffee. To improve their digestive processes, they can chew some cardamom and rice grains wrapped in betel leaves after eating. This dish is called pan here.

National Indian cuisine is delicious and varied.

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