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Ranking of the best hot sauces for 2022

Briefly about sauces

Sauces are an indispensable addition to many dishes – appetizers, baked or fried meat, pasta, rice, salads and even desserts.

They certainly not only improve the taste, but also the appearance of your favorite meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

Today you can choose cold and hot sauces, sweet, spicy and savory.

Cold ones are prepared with olive oil, cream or natural yogurt. Lemon juice, wine vinegar, mustard, honey, herbs, spices are added to them. They are suitable for salads, hard boiled eggs, cold cuts or fish.

In turn, the basis for making hot sauce is usually broth, which is thickened with dressing.

Desserts go well with sauces and mousses made from milk, sweet cream and fruit mixtures. A good product must have the right texture, taste and color.

Sauces are thick and thin in consistency, added to dishes to improve or enrich the taste and aroma, as well as to improve the appearance or complement too dry dishes.

Such a product is an indispensable addition to the meal, and its competent presentation will not only facilitate the use of the dish, but also increase its attractiveness.

The sauce is always served separately. This is due not only to the aesthetics of the application, but also to practical aspects. Thanks to this supply, everyone can adjust its quantity at their discretion.  If the chopped meat is laid out on a dish, it is permissible to pour it with a small amount of the product.

properties of chili sauce

Hot chili is a type of sauce that uses chili peppers. The degree of spiciness, its consistency and color depends on the variety of pepper. Seasoning makes the taste of food expressive.

have a unique sweet taste and aroma. Ideal as an accompaniment to all dishes: soups, stews, salads, as well as a marinade ingredient for all types of meat. In Asian cuisine, chili is often used in sautéed wok dishes and as an accompaniment to stuffed rolls or sushi.


chili and other varieties.
Chili sauce is a staple of Mexican cuisine. This is a hot sauce with a clearly dominant aroma of tomatoes and, of course, chili peppers. It can be served with noodles, rice with toppings typical of Mexican cuisine, or as a tortilla sauce or dressing.

The oldest hot sauces made from crushed chili peppers come from the Caribbean. One of the first sauces was vinegar. Over the centuries, each island has developed its own way of preparing it, mixing ground hot peppers with other ingredients such as mustard, tomatoes and fruit.

Chili peppers support the circulatory system by lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, preventing platelet aggregation and dissolving clots.

Recent animal and human studies have shown promising results showing the effects of capsaicin on:

increased fatty acid oxidation (faster fat burning);
loss of appetite;
increased energy expenditure associated with stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.
In addition, it has a positive effect on the digestive system, as it stimulates the cells, the gastric mucosa to produce digestive juice, has a bactericidal effect and soothes the digestive tract.

Spicy dishes prepared with the addition of spices such as chili, turmeric, hot pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic form the basis of the cuisine of many regions of the world, such as Asia and South America.

In addition, due to the content of a number of biologically active substances, they also have a beneficial effect on human health.

stimulation of the secretion of digestive juices, which speeds up and facilitates the process of digestion, especially fatty and hard to digest foods;
effective functioning of the cardiovascular system – they improve blood circulation, can have a hypotensive effect.

that is, lower blood pressure (capsaicin from chili peppers, garlic), due to their antioxidant effect, inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol;
reduced risk of cancer – they contain compounds with anti-cancer potential;
providing the body with substances with a strong antioxidant potential, which allows you to more effectively deal with excess free radicals;
thermogenic effect – affects the production of heat and the rate of metabolic changes, which can be used in the process of weight loss.

Capsaicin as an aphrodisiac

Men should include more spicy foods in their diet. It turns out that capsaicin also acts as an aphrodisiac, boosting testosterone levels in men. In addition, capsaicin improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis. This, in turn, means hot peppers are the perfect condiment for people at risk of stroke.

Ladies, especially those who pay close attention to slender lines, should also be interested in spicy dishes. Why? Well, few people associate capsaicin and spicy foods with weight loss. Meanwhile.

its use allows you to reduce body fat, since capsaicin supports metabolism, accelerates the burning of calories and is an excellent thermoregulatory. It is not for nothing that the so-called fat-burning dietary supplements very often contain capsaicin.

Hot spices have too many valuable qualities to simply ignore in the kitchen. Those who are reluctant to use them in everyday cooking do not need to immediately change their eating habits and cook most dishes “spicy”.

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