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What food to try in Goa.

Beware. Now there will be a useful post. You know, I have such cases every six months between snot, saliva and seals.

So, right now, I’m sitting in a café on the roof of my hotel in Morin, Goa, and drinking masala chai. This is such a black tea with milk, ginger and spices, the taste of which is familiar to every local and visitor in India. And now there will be another list of what you must definitely try from Indian cuisine, so as not to blush and be ashamed later.

The dishes will be mostly vegetarian, but do not rush to close the post – India has the most delicious vegetarian cuisine in the world. No wonder 80% of Hindus do not eat meat. For many hundreds of years they have learned how to cook dishes without meat so that your beef leg borscht can safely smoke hashish on the sidelines.  Of the meat dishes.

I liked chicken-tikka (grilled chicken pieces in spices), matron biryani (pilaf with lamb and spices) and Tibetan spicy lamb the most, I don’t remember the name. Also in spices. By the way, you don’t like spices – don’t even think about coming here.

Or come and rethink your miserable life until you taste the real taste of it. I have already gained more than a kilogram of different anises, cardamom, curry and zika in order to continue to enjoy the right and soulful food at home. After all, our mass-market spices are a completely different story.

1. Momos

Steamed dumplings or small manti with different fillings – vegetables (a mixture of vegetables or separately with spinach, potatoes, cabbage, etc.), chicken, lamb or shrimp.
You can’t find beef here in the public domain.

it’s a sacred animal after all. You can buy from dealers or in very European restaurants. Momos are served in a good way with a spicy sauce, from which an unprepared stomach will immediately experience a culture shock. If you are the owner of just such – you can ask for mayonnaise or ketchup, in all languages, by the way, they sound recognizable.

2. Paneer Dilruba.

You already want to try it, don’t you? Vegetarians in India replace the lack of protein and meat with paneer – homemade local cheese. Paneer is more tender than our cheese, but at home I often cook from it, it turns out similar.

The most popular dish to start your acquaintance with paneer in order to fall in love with it endlessly is Paneer Tikka. This is a kebab or paneer cubes on the grill in spices. I don’t have this photo because we ordered it straight from the plane and it was 11pm and the last thing we thought about after a long drive was taking pictures of the food.

In addition to Paneer Tikka, on each menu you will see at least 10-15 paneer dishes – paneer with vegetables, paneer in yellow sauce, paneer with beans, paneer with mushrooms, fried paneer, boiled or paneer in a tandoor – a clay oven.

Paneer Dilruba is a very tender and fragrant dish. It is enough to take ordinary rice or rice with zira (Jeera rice) to make a full meal. Of course, do not forget to order cakes, you can’t do without them.

3. Roti, naan, paratha. Roti, naan, paratha. Cakes with and without fillings.

Your grandmother told you – eat with bread, bread is the head of everything. And an Indian grandmother would say – have breakfast with paratha, lunch with roti, dinner with nan. No wonder that by the age of 30.

almost all Indians have a watermelon-like tummy, and women wrap themselves in saris of immense size. But as part of a 2-week feast, you can treat yourself to these goodies, provided that you promise to swim at least three times a day for half an hour and do yoga in the morning.

Roti is a flatbread made from whole meal flour, salt and water. Cooked in a frying pan without oil or in a clay oven, which is much tastier. Indians eat with their hands, using roti instead of cutlery (I didn’t make a typo :). They tear off pieces of the flatbread and deftly grab dal (sauce or thick bean stew), rice and other food.

Nearly every dish in India floats in a generous bowl of thick sauce that is a shame to leave untouched, so order your flatbread right away, whatever you have.
Roti is simple (plain roti), with the addition of butter (butter roti) and others.

Naan is also a flatbread made from unleavened wheat dough, but cooked in tandoor and with various fillings. The most popular are naan with garlic (garlic naan), naan with cheese (cheese naan) and naan with vegetables (veg. Stuffed naan).

Paratha is a flatbread made with ghee, usually stuffed with cauliflower (Gobi paratha), potato (aloo paratha), or other vegetables. Often offered for breakfast and with a bowl of unsweetened yogurt (like our sour cream), plain or with additives (spices.

finely chopped vegetables). On my last visit to India, I just got hooked on paratha for breakfast, so I had to sign up for a gym, because the scales began to blatantly lie, and for some reason my favorite jeans sat down sharply.

If you don’t know what to order for breakfast – I beg you, don’t take pancakes, croissants and other European food. You can order it at home in a cafe. Here it will be a complete feil. Take a local paratha and rejoice. Eggs and omelettes are allowed, they are the same everywhere.

The average price in a tourist café is 20-120 rupees / serving (4 pieces), depending on the filling.

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