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10 Egyptian dishes that tourists must try

Egyptian national dishes differ from the usual Russian ones, but that’s part of their appeal. The dishes are nourishing, aromatic, and beautiful to look at. When you come to relax at any Egyptian resort, you should definitely try the traditional dishes. A list of the most popular ones, their photos and descriptions are given further in the text. Thanks to useful information, tourists will have no questions about what to try from Egyptian cuisine.

The year-round warm country attracts tourists with its endless sea expanses, traditions, history and secrets. And you can start getting acquainted with traditions from national cuisine. The choice of national Egyptian dishes that are worth trying is quite wide. Moreover, they differ from those offered to vacationers in a particular hotel.

And, since prehistoric times, it has been influenced by various culinary traditions. During the times of Ancient Egypt, the foundations of the kitchen were laid. In the Middle Ages, when the country was under Arab rule, the cuisine was supplemented with oriental notes.

Thus, since ancient Egyptian times, bread and flour dishes have been revered; thanks to the Arabs, the cuisine has been supplemented with fish recipes, and the Turks have introduced sweets and meat dishes into culinary traditions. In general, Egyptian cuisine is distinguished by a mixture of flavors, nutrition, variety, and it is moderately spicy in taste.

While on vacation in Egypt, tourists at the hotel are offered familiar European cuisine, but you should definitely try typical dishes of national cuisine. Not only do they have interesting and unusual names for Russian ears, but they also have a very unusual taste.

Koshari is a national Egyptian dish of pasta and rice.

It is prepared from several types of pasta, legumes, rice and vegetables. More precisely – spaghetti, small vermicelli, round pasta, rice, chickpeas, lentils, fried onions and sauce.

The Egyptian dish koshari can be tried in restaurants or from street food vendors; they cook koshari outdoors in a large container. Koshari is served on a plate. And each ingredient lies in layers. Moreover, neither rice, nor pasta, nor legumes stick together, but turn out crumbly. Koshari is a very filling side dish.

Ful Medames is a traditional Egyptian bean dish.

Egyptian cuisine has a popular dish called ful medames; locals even prefer it for breakfast. Full Medames is a bean puree, sometimes chickpeas are added to the puree. Ingredients such as garlic and hot peppers add piquancy to the dish. The consistency can be varied, from fairly liquid to thick puree. Ful Medames is served with lavash or pita bread. The pasta itself is decorated with chopped vegetables – onion, cucumber, tomato. The soft consistency is pleasant to the taste, and in general, the dish is healthy for the body.

Fatta – rice with meat and bread

This dish appeared in Egyptian cuisine due to Arab influence. Fatta is prepared mainly for the holiday. The main ingredients are simple – meat, rice, tomato sauce, bread. The ingredients of the dish are placed in layers, which makes the fatta look attractive. The rice is fluffy, not dry. Due to the addition of vinegar, fatta turns out to be slightly sour, which is not familiar to Russian tourists.

Mulukiya – traditional Egyptian soup

The national dishes of Egypt were also influenced by the climate; because of the hot weather, cold soups are popular. For example, mulukiya _ is a cold summer soup whose main ingredient is the malukhia plant. The soup is a rich emerald color, often complemented with pieces of meat or seafood – beef, rabbit, shrimp. The soup is refreshing and invigorating.

Fesik – salted dried fish

Some of the Egyptian national dishes are prepared only for a specific date, and an example of this is fesik.  And for storage, special vessels are used, where the fish is folded and tightly sealed. Due to this, fesik acquires such a specific aroma and taste. You can find such fish while in Egypt at the end of April.

Kibbeh – bulgur cutlets with minced meat

An interesting Egyptian dish, kibbeh, can be in the form of a pie, or it can be in the form of a cutlet. The kibbeh dish is very satisfying, as it is prepared from meat and bulgur grains. If the kibbeh is made as a pie, there will be a nut filling in the middle. If it is prepared in the form of a cutlet, then there will also be filling inside it. Kibbeh tastes spicy and rich. In addition to the food, vegetables are served, both fresh and stewed, yogurt, and rice.

Kofta – meat cutlet with spices

Local residents of Egypt often eat meat dishes, supplementing them with vegetables or side dishes. Kofta are very similar to cutlets or kebab. And thanks to the spices, after tourists try the kofta, a pleasant aftertaste remains. Elongated meat cutlets are served with sauces or yogurt. Freshly cooked kofta smells so deliciously like meat that it’s impossible to resist.

Tamiya – Egyptian falafel or fried bean balls

While relaxing in hotels or going for a walk in the city, you should definitely decide to try tamiya as a food in Egypt. This dish is also called falafel. It is on restaurant menus, and you can also try it outdoors – falafel can be considered a street food in Egypt.

The main ingredient is peas, and the peas are fried. Due to this, the balls are slightly crispy. Falafel is convenient to eat, as it is small balls, the dish is filling and tasty. Typically, tamiya is not a main dish, but rather an appetizer. But falafel is great for vegetarians, as is the Egyptian vegetable dish mahshi – zucchini, peppers, and eggplants stuffed with rice and baked.

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