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8 fast food dishes that are healthy

carrot sticks

Simple sticks made from a vegetable rich in vitamins and microelements also have an attractive, appetizing appearance. It’s easy to get used to this substitution for deep-fried French fries.


A drink made by chopping vegetables or fruits. Usually both are used for such a vitamin cocktail, variations are possible. When ordering, be sure to check the quality of the ingredients. The combination of ingredients that differ in taste makes the drink unusual, interesting and beneficial for the body.


The basic rule is that the dressing should be light and not high in calories. The best choice is vegetable oil, olive, rice, sunflower. Many chains offer marinade in a separate container; this is convenient and practical, allowing you to regulate its quantity. You can completely abandon it or replace it with natural vegetable oil. Salad ingredients often include fish or chicken fillet, for example, in Caesar. But lean chicken breast is dietary and low-calorie. In addition to it, “Caesar” also contains vitamin greens.

Sushi and rolls

They have original taste and give a feeling of pleasure and satiety. They contain fresh, unprocessed seafood, which is considered a great advantage, special grade rice, and ginger. To maintain healthy lifestyle standards, it is recommended to choose sushi with caviar, salmon, and salmon. If a bistro offers visitors fried rolls, they should be rejected. When ordering sushi, the main focus is on the safety of the establishment’s cooking technologies and its offerings.


Food cooked in a couple of minutes in a deep wok retains its valuable properties. Roasting is carried out with a minimum amount of fat or even without it; this is a safe technology that complies with the rules of healthy nutrition. Pork, chicken, beef, fish, shrimp are fried in a deep professional frying pan; this is an important source of protein, they give a feeling of satiety with a low calorie content of the dish. Cucumber sauce can be served with meat pieces and vegetables, which is not only tasty, but also very light in composition.


At first glance, the popular shawarma can hardly be considered low-calorie, because it combines dough, fried meat, and sauce. But lavash is made from yeast-free dough, and the meat (according to the technological standard) is processed without fat, on a spit. A good shawarma should contain a lot of fresh vegetables, the usefulness of which no one disputes.

To diversify the taste, pickled cucumbers are also added, adding sourness. The source of excess calories is the multi-component sauce, which is prepared from mayonnaise and ketchup, so you need to order food in a cafe where it is replaced with yogurt or low-fat sour cream. Another option is to ask that no dressing be added to the pita bread.


A properly prepared hamburger made from high-quality fresh ingredients will not harm your slimness if the bun is made from whole grain flour and the cutlet is made from beef or other lean meat. A significant portion of the hamburger should consist of radishes.

cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Often the ingredients are lubricated with a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, rich in calories. You can ask not to add dressing or replace it with a less calorie composition. There is nothing wrong with good tomatoes, whole grain flour, nutritious lean beef. You can find bistros where the minced meat is made from legumes, for vegetarians.

A cheeseburger contains many more calories due to cheese; it is better not to order such a “sandwich” while on a diet. It is better to eat cheese separately, without bread or cutlets.

Even small-sized hamburgers give you a feeling of fullness for a long time, because their ingredients saturate the body with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. But eating such a multi-layered sandwich should rather become an exception to the general norms for those who care about their slimness or adhere to a particular diet.


One of the most popular, favorite, appetizing in appearance and aroma of baked goods. Of the entire assortment of pizzerias, it is ordered most often. In order not to worry about the extra grams that pizza will add to your weight, you should choose a recipe without sausage, salami, fried bacon, or a lot of cheese. With the correct cooking technology, the dough base should be very thin. Baked goods filled with tomatoes and high-quality seafood will be harmless for those who want to stay slim. You can already see recipes with fruit in advertising.

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