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List of Ukrainian dishes that every traveler needs to try

I think that not only the male sex loves to eat delicious food and enjoy the taste and aroma of the dish prepared for you. Every person, coming to this or that country, should definitely try the national dishes, so to speak, taste the flavor of the local cuisine.

Ukpainckaya kyhnya

When getting to know Ukraine and its attractions, don’t miss the opportunity to try its cuisine. For local dishes, they use everything that is best and freshest in food preparation. Ukraine can be proud that it is able to satisfy the tastes of any gourmet.

Features of the kitchen

The main differences between Ukrainian cuisine and others are the methods of preparing the dish and the abundant use of products such as lard, wheat myka, and beets. As a rule, in other countries the dish is given one type of processing: either hot, or it is stewed, or it is boiled.
Here they combine these types, creating culinary masterpieces that your stomach will appreciate.

It is believed that lard is the main delicacy associated with Ukraine. It is impossible to count the ways of preparing lard.

Also especially popular are fresh vegetables, which go well with national dishes, which are meaty and quite fatty.

Bean products are no less popular among Ukrainians. Mostly these are beans.

Important components of every dish are vegetable oil and tomatoes.
Well, one more no less important feature of Ukrainian cuisine is washing products. Their assortment simply amazes the eye, and their taste will amaze anyone.

Dishes that tourists need to try

Having arrived in this country, you simply have to try a number of dishes so as not to regret it when you return home. After all, treating yourself to delicious local food is one of the most enjoyable things to do.


Salo and borscht are those dishes that have become the heroes of jokes and all kinds of aphorisms associated with Ukraine. Lard can be consumed in food in different forms: raw, salted, smoked, fried and also in others. Be sure to try this dish by drinking it at a local restaurant or at a good market.

And, in order to determine the most delicious type of preparation for you, it is better to purchase several varieties little by little at once. By the way, it is an interesting fact that the widespread stereotype about the tendency to gain weight when consuming fresh lard turns out to be erroneous.

Ukrainian borscht

This type of dish also has a countless number of varieties and methods of preparation. You can try red, green, and lean borscht. But now we will talk about red borscht, the main ingredients of which are beetroot and cabbage. The smell, alluring aroma and spiciness of the dish are given by various flavor enhancers: greens, garlic, onion, pepper and other ingredients.

The main decoration of the dish is: a huge piece of meat in the middle of the plate and sour cream. This borscht should be accompanied by tasty, fresh garlic dumplings. With this dish you can not only refresh yourself, but fill yourself up so much that you won’t want to eat the second dish right away.


If you go back into history, the main dish of any holiday was white wheat bread. On ordinary days, preference was given to black rye bread. Therefore, according to all traditions and customs, it is rye bread that must be taken with Ukrainian dishes.


The filling of the dish can now be very diverse: mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, cherries, meat and much more. But the most important ingredient is tender dough. An obligatory addition is to serve the dish with sour cream or melted butter, as well as fried lard with lard, and for dumplings with a sweet filling you can serve honey or jam.

Yushka (yha)

Currently, “Yushka” for residents of Ukraine has one meaning – ear. Although earlier, during the time of the Kievan Rus, absolutely any soup could be called this way, so they added a definition to it: chicken soup, fish soup, pea soup. We can safely say that yushka is one of the oldest and traditional Ukrainian dishes.

The Cossacks were the main connoisseurs of this culinary masterpiece. Even more, they used fish products as medicines, because they contained a lot of phosphorus, as well as calcium.

If you follow a simple recipe, then you need to cook the vegetables, and then just add the main ingredient – fish. The technique for preparing double fish is significantly different, since first you need to boil small fish, then strain the broth, boil vegetables and large fish. An interesting fact is that true connoisseurs of this dish claim that by adding potatoes to the dish, it becomes an ordinary soup.

In general, in each region this dish can be prepared in its own way with the addition of additional ingredients. For example, in the South – tomatoes, in Polesie – dried mushrooms.


A dish whose ingredients are meat and potatoes. By calling this masterpiece the word “hot”, you are making mistakes, because the whole essence and meaning are lost. This dish is baked in special pots without adding water, which gives it a special piquant taste.

In addition to the main ingredients, this may include: onion, pepper, lard, mushrooms, mop. Some cooks add tomatoes and sour cream.
Liver was highly valued in ancient times and was the main treat and delicacy. The dish turns out to be especially satisfying and tasty if you cook it in the oven.

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