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Top 10 national dishes you can try in Kazan

Coming on an excursion to the capital of Tatarstan, all tourists wonder what to try in Kazan from food. It is worth saying that there is a lot of delicious food in the city; in particular, you should pay attention to the dishes of national cuisine. Some types of local food.

despite some similarity with Russian, have their own recipes and cooking technology. You can eat not only in expensive restaurants, but also in budget cafes. Sweets can be purchased in specialized stores. As an example, we should note the top dishes that are traditional in Tatarstan.

Tatarstan is an administrative district of Russia in which the local population adheres to its traditions and culture throughout the entire period of residence. This also applies to national dishes. Tatar cuisine has some similarities with Russian.

but the technology and cooking process are different. Among the features, it can be noted that pork is not used in Tatar cuisine, since this type of meat is prohibited by the Koran, and mushrooms are also not used. Alcohol should not be present in food at all. In addition, it is not customary to put alcoholic drinks on the table, even on holidays.

As for the dishes themselves, they are all very high in calories, since one of its main ingredients is considered to be fat tail fat or ghee.

Separately, it must be said that Tatar cuisine is famous for its pastries, which are sure to be present at any feast. Local sweets are a kind of culinary calling card of Tatarstan. Among the features is the fact that most Tatar dishes are prepared in national dishes, a cauldron or a pot.

Many tourists, when returning home, decide to bring Tatar sweets, cheese, and sausage as a souvenir or gift.

There is simply a huge amount of Tatar cuisine. Many of them are traditional, with a long history. At the same time, the recipe and cooking technology remain unchanged and are passed on from generation to generation. For tourists who come to Kazan for the purpose of relaxation and exploring local attractions, it is recommended to try these Tatar national dishes.


This is a traditional dish that has been prepared by Tatars for many centuries. Beshbarmak is also called “five”. The fact is that during the times of the nomads this dish was eaten with hands, since at that time people used little cutlery.


Tokmach is a traditional food in Kazan, where the main ingredients are chicken and noodles. The peculiarity of tokmach is that the soup must be prepared with very strong chicken broth. To achieve such a gain, at least 1.5 kg is used. chicken per 4 liters of water. The meat should be cooked for at least 1.5 hours, and at the end of cooking, you need to take it out and add coarsely chopped carrots and potatoes to the broth. Afterwards you need to put in tokmach (dough noodles with an egg-oil base).


This oriental dish is a soup made from fatty meats (lamb), vegetables and salma noodles. Moreover, the noodles should be cut not into strips, but into diamonds. If you reduce the amount of broth or add more noodles and vegetables, then kullama can be considered a second course.

Azu in Tatar

Among the many national dishes, Tatar azu is considered one of the main ones. It contains different types of meat, to which vegetables are added.  Fat must be added during cooking. Azu in Tatar has several varieties. For example, one recipe may use lamb or beef as meat, while another may add horse meat. Also, some housewives can add pickled or pickled cucumbers to the basics.


It is worth saying that the frying procedure is mainly used to prepare sweets in Tatar cuisine. An exception is the dish kyzdyrma. In this case, you need to fry pieces of meat (horse meat), and then simmer them with onions and potatoes until cooked. This dish is Tatar food in Kazan, which is traditional and has been prepared for many years.


Katlama is a flour product with meat filling. Essentially, these are rolls made from dough into which minced meat and onions are wrapped. The peculiarity of the dish is that you initially need to roll out the dough into a round cake and place the filling over its entire surface. Next, you need to roll the workpiece into shape, like manti, and then knead the product with your hands until it is flat. Afterwards, fry the flatbread on both sides. Ghee is used for frying.

Tatar pilaf

There are a lot of recipes for preparing pilaf, but the Tatar version of the dish has its own taste characteristics. All thanks to the secrets of local cuisine. For pilaf, only the fatty part of lamb or brisket with lard is used. Long grain rice and fat tail fat are also used. As for spices, in addition to salt, tarragon and barberry are used as seasonings. Additionally, it is worth saying that traditional Tatar pilaf takes quite a long time to cook, but the rice remains crumbly and not overcooked.

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