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Which juice is the healthiest

Fruit juices

The USDA’s 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines define moderate juice consumption as 1 glass per day. It follows from the report that it is better to make water the priority drink for regular consumption, and give juices the place of an “optional product.” Here you can read what those who produce it say about drinking water.

Juices contain vitamins and minerals, but still do not contain the fiber found in fresh fruit. This is why juices are classified as so-called “free sugars”. For more information about how to build a relationship with sugar, how much you can get from food and why you don’t need to eliminate it completely, read our large review article about sugar and the material “How to count sugar.”

If you want to control the amount of sugar you consume, try to monitor the amount of juice you drink. It’s best to treat this drink like a dessert. Then you can build a harmonious relationship with him without any problems.

It would seem that when talking about fruit juices, it would be worth mentioning the healthiest ones. However, if someone argues that one juice is better than another in this regard, the arguments will be very controversial. All such drinks, when consumed wisely, are useful in one way or another. Therefore, it is better to focus on variety and personal preferences.

For example, if you already regularly eat fresh apples, you may not want to focus on apple juice (you already get your share of iron and other vitamins). However, if you don’t eat celery but would like to somehow incorporate it into your diet, try juicing it.

Apple juice

One might say, one of the most “ancient” juices, which has been popular with people since ancient times.

Apple juice is often recommended for baby food – at VkusVille you can try children’s apple juice in a convenient package to take with you, and in glass. Here’s what you can read in the description of VkusVill apple juice:

“Apple juice is ideal as a first juice for a child. Fruit juices in season are made from fresh vegetables and fruits from our own production. And out of season – from semi-finished puree. The semi-finished puree is also prepared during the season from fresh raw materials, and then packed aseptically into special barrels in which it is stored. All fruits are tested for radiation and nitrates before use, so that children eat only products made from healthy raw materials.”

“Very tasty juice. I don’t like apple juice at all, but I tried it with my children. I was amazed by the taste. It reminded me of the juice from my childhood! I recommend it to everyone. And the packaging is very environmentally friendly. Glass containers and metal lids can be recycled.”

If the usual taste of apple juice confuses you with its sweetness, try the sour juice option – there are as many as 3 liters in a package. Here’s what buyers write:

“We really liked the apple juice made from sour apple varieties. The taste is refreshing with sourness. Directly pressed juice tastes like freshly squeezed juice. The 3 liter box format is very convenient for families. Let’s buy!”

Worried that you won’t drink enough juice at once? Make non-alcoholic mulled wine from it. A cozy walk or an evening at home is guaranteed!

Orange juice

Orange juice is also one of the bestsellers due to its exceptional taste. The juice with pulp is distinguished by a high content of pectin, which improves intestinal motility. One glass of orange juice is approximately equal to the daily intake of vitamin C.

Here’s what customers write about direct-pressed orange juice from VkusVill:

“I really like the juice. Natural, pulpy, refreshing and invigorating. It’s good to get vitamin support for the whole day in the morning!”

“Good natural juice. This is not the first time I buy, the quality is always at its best. You can feel the direct pressing without added sugar – the sweet and sour taste of fresh oranges.”

Vegetable juices

Straight-pressed orange juice, 1 l
Straight-pressed orange juice, 1 l
These can be either juices from individual vegetables or various mixes, including those with fruits and spices, for example, apple-carrot, carrot-raspberry, tomato-cilantro-pepper. Here’s what buyers write about the latter:

“Favorite juice, pleasant vegetable piquant taste, for lovers of vegetable juices – the best!”

“I would never have thought that vegetable juice could be so tasty!”

pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice is a great reason to add some vitamins from vegetables to your diet, especially when it comes to children. For more information about how many vegetables it is advisable to eat per day and how to interest a child in them, read our article “How to teach a child to eat vegetables: recipes, advice from a psychologist.”

Which is healthier: juice or nectar?

Freshly squeezed juice contains the most vitamins and no sugar is added to it to improve the taste. The technology for preparing freshly squeezed juice involves preserving most of the nutrients. But, of course, the shelf life will be minimal. So, freshly squeezed orange juice from VkusVill has a lifespan of only 12 hours. Let us remind you that you can make this juice yourself in stores where there are juice machines.

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