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What is the healthiest juice?

This wonderful man lived without resorting to medicines for almost a century! True, just leaning on juices in order to earn the right to active longevity will not work. Like any treatment method, juice therapy has many important nuances and rules that you should be aware of.

Put on freshness

The juice from the bag is mainly a drink. Its medicinal, or rather, naturopathic potential is small, although even in such a processed form, peach nectar, if drunk regularly, will make the skin velvety, and orange juice will help to cheer up in the morning. It is clear that in “live” freshly squeezed juice there are more vitamins and many other biologically active substances that are oxidized not only during processing, but also if the juice is not drunk immediately. The longer it waits in the wings, the less curative it becomes.

In the same citrus fruits and apples, for example, there is an enzyme ascorbinase that destroys vitamin C – ascorbic acid. As soon as you squeezed the juice, the process began! In addition, fermentation processes begin in the drink, which turn the medicine into poison.

And for this, grab the juicer at the right time.  It is permissible to drink it 2 hours after eating, but not earlier and especially not during it. You don’t want the juice actives to react with food components and be neutralized!

There is one exception to this “first freshness” rule – beetroot juice: let it stand in an open container for 2-3 hours so that the compounds that cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other unpleasant reactions can break down. After all, this juice is very concentrated, tart, tearing: it is not without reason that it is recommended to be instilled into the nose with a cold!

Even externally, it should be used with caution: not by a whole pipette, but by 1-2 drops. Well, inside with the same hypertension, you can take beetroot juice 50-70 ml at a time, half diluted with water and adding honey to taste. Well, or try mixing with carrots in a ratio of 1: 3 – that’s also good!

Diet is also important. Beetroot juice does not mix well with meat and fish. Refrain from them while drinking it as medicine. And carrot becomes less effective if there are potatoes.

Choose fruits without barrels

Not only juices should be fresh, but also vegetables, fruits and berries from which you squeeze them. Components valuable for health are destroyed during storage, and harmful compounds accumulate instead.

It happens that the same apples are already removed from the branch “with barrels” – spoiled, rotten, touched by mold, or picked up under a tree broken, cracked or otherwise damaged. Do not take such “sick” fruits at all: they are not suitable for juice therapy, even when cut off, because the quality of all the pulp has already hopelessly suffered. Discard green and overripe specimens.

Do not overdose

It is believed that per day you need to drink 600 ml of juice in 3 doses: a glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. But even here there are nuances. About beetroot juice, for which even half a glass at a time is too much, it has already been said. But an overdose of carrots also threatens with no less problems.

leading to hypervitaminosis – an oversaturation of the body with vitamin A. Being deposited in the skin, it stains the heels, then the palms, and then the whole body in ocher color. If you do not stop in time, loss of appetite, vomiting, drowsiness, fever, rash and peeling of the skin are possible.

It is enough for adults to drink half a cup (100 ml) of carrot juice per day, for children 8-12 years old – 1/3, and 4-7 years old – 1/4 cup each, for children from one to 3 years old – 2-3 tbsp. spoons.

Be careful with grape juice and in general with all sweets: their liter can contain up to 1100 kcal – a third of the loader’s daily norm. But you and I do not do hard physical labor, but we are often burdened with extra pounds, so we are forced to refrain from treatment with almost grape syrup. The same applies to patients with diabetes. By the way, they cannot drink potato juice because of the high content of starch.

Dilute with water

The ancient Romans diluted wine with water, and modern nutritionists advise doing the same with juices. Dilute them by half or to your liking to make them less concentrated. If you drink natural juices undiluted, you can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, heartburn, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, increased formation of gases in the intestines (flatulence) and even earn reactive pancreatitis. This is especially dangerous if you already have inflammatory diseases of the stomach (chronic gastritis with high acidity, peptic ulcer), chronic cholecystitis and hepatitis, problems with the pancreas and intestines.

By the way, it makes no sense to dilute carrot juice with water: something fatter is needed here – cream or milk, otherwise fat-soluble vitamins A and E will not be able to be absorbed.

Choose right

Let’s say you decide to treat yourself with pear juice for pressure, and, among other things, your intestines are lazy and sugar jumps. Although the pear is considered the fruit of longevity in China, but with such problems, it is more likely to shorten your days, increase constipation and raise blood glucose levels.

Drink cranberry and lingonberry juice from pressure, or you can add bearberry to a cocktail of them. By itself, this berry is rather dry, but mixed with others, more juicy, it has an excellent diuretic effect, bringing blood pressure back to normal. Here are just diuretic fruit-berries, including currants and apples, can provoke colic in the side in the presence of kidney stones, but the fine “sand” will be washed out of them without difficulty.

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