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5 healthiest juices for the heart and blood vessels

Cardiovascular diseases are rapidly getting younger, and we urge you not to give them a single chance. Take care of prevention now and start with proper nutrition for your heart and blood vessels.

Juices, like any other food products, are intended primarily for the prevention, not the treatment of diseases. If you have already been diagnosed with any cardiovascular diseases, then even the healthiest juice for the heart and blood vessels will not replace the medications prescribed by your doctor, but it may well complement them.

Also note that juices for the heart and blood vessels may have contraindications. For example, it is better not to get carried away with sour juices if you have gastrointestinal diseases, and sweet nectars will not be useful for insulin resistance and diabetes.

Pomegranate juice for the heart and blood vessels

The list of healthy fresh juices is topped by pomegranate juice. Then healers were guided by the principle of similarity: pomegranate juice is as red as blood, which means it will be good for the blood. This naïve statement, oddly enough, is completely true: modern research has proven the benefits of pomegranate juice for the heart and blood vessels.

Pomegranate helps reduce blood pressure: to do this, you need to drink pomegranate juice for the heart and blood vessels for a month. You can often hear that pomegranate juice “cleanses blood vessels,” and this is true. It reduces cholesterol in the blood, eliminating cholesterol plaques and preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

Like other juices, pomegranate juice is good for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, but it will also be beneficial if the diseases have already begun to develop. The main thing is not to replace medications prescribed by your doctor with juice, but simply include pomegranate fruits and healthy fresh juices from it in your menu more often.

Beet juice

Beet juice for blood vessels is also very useful; it is believed that it is often no less effective than medicines. This is an excellent means of preventing heart disease: beet juice improves blood composition, stimulates the production of red blood cells, helps recover after exercise, normalizes blood pressure due to its vasodilating effect and fights cholesterol plaques.

This product reduces blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and increases endurance (it is recommended for athletes). The benefits of beet juice for blood vessels are due to the high content of nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide, which, in turn, dilates blood vessels and improves blood supply to internal organs.

Despite the fact that beet juice is one of the healthy foods for the heart and blood vessels, its use is not suitable for everyone. In case of urolithiasis, certain gastrointestinal diseases, gout and rheumatoid arthritis, fresh juice should be avoided. You can use it with caution in case of diabetes and hypotension. And even healthy people are not recommended to consume beet juice in large quantities and in its pure form: it is better to mix it with other fruit or vegetable juices, for example, apple, pomegranate, and carrot.

Tomato juice for the heart

If beet juice is very exotic for most people, then tomato juice is a completely different matter. We know it well since childhood, and therefore it is especially pleasant to discover many new advantages in a familiar product. Tomato juice is beneficial for the heart and blood vessels for several reasons.

Firstly, it is rich in minerals. First of all, potassium, chromium, calcium, zinc, copper and iodine. Secondly, tomatoes and their derivatives contain the enzyme lycopene, which is widely known as a cardio protector and antioxidant.

Lycopene has anti-sclerotic and anti-inflammatory effects, it is a powerful antioxidant, and in addition, it reduces blood pressure, makes blood vessels more elastic, improves the metabolic profile and prevents thrombosis. Tomato juice will be especially beneficial for the heart if you suffer from hypertension, anemia or angina.

Tomato juice also strengthens the heart muscle and increases hemoglobin levels, and as a pleasant bonus, improves mood because it stimulates the production of serotonin. Feel free to drink this juice for the heart and blood vessels in its pure form or with the addition of spicy herbs.

carrot juice

Carrot juice has long been recommended for children and adults, and this is no coincidence: it contains a record amount of beta-carotene, which slows down aging and strengthens the immune system.

Healthy nutrition for the heart and blood vessels should also include carrot juice: it strengthens the walls of capillaries, stabilizes blood pressure, and strengthens the heart muscle. A study by Korean scientists has proven that drinking carrot juice can also reduce the negative effects of smoking on the cardiovascular system.

Remember that beta-carotene requires fat to be absorbed. You can wash down fatty foods with fresh juice or add a little cream or vegetable oil to carrot juice for the heart.

Although carrot juice is very beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, it should be consumed with caution. It can increase blood pressure and worsen certain stomach diseases, as well as diabetes. In addition, if you abuse carrot juice, headaches, increased fatigue and changes in the color of the skin and sclera are possible.

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