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What is the national cuisine, traditional dishes and food in Hong Kong?

8 popular Hong Kong dishes to try

Known as the “World Food Fair”, Hong Kong is the place to go for delicious dining out. Definitely a must visit for any tourist. A wide range of dishes pleases the eye from roadside stalls to world-class restaurants.

Only in this city you can treat yourself to any dishes from authentic Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Indian, European and American cuisines. Thanks to this diversity, Hong Kong is rightfully considered a paradise for gourmets.

Daily menu of Hong Kong locals

About 98% of the population in Hong Kong speak Chinese or Cantonese, Chauhan, Hakka, Shanghainese Chinese.

The traditional breakfast consists of kanji (rice porridge) and youtiao (deep-fried sliced dough strips, similar to brushwood). However, the Western style breakfast of bread, sausage, pancakes and eggs is becoming more and more popular.

pineapple bread

Sweet bread, which originated in Hong Kong, is very popular among the population. Outwardly, the bread resembles a pineapple, hence the name, but this fruit is not used for its preparation. Mixed together sugar, eggs, flour and lard form a crispy surface with a soft core. Pineapple bread is best eaten hot.

roast goose

This dish belongs to Cantonese cuisine. A whole goose is roasted along with the secret ingredients, then cut into small pieces along with the skin, meat and tender bones. It is served with plum sauce.

In order to feel the spirit of Guangdong, you should try roast goose according to local recipes. Geese are raised in a short time, so they have a lot of meat, but small bones. This dish has already become one of the attractions for tourists visiting the New Territories (one of the three parts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region).

You can try this dish in the following places:

Yung Kee Restaurant, located in the center of Hong Kong and in existence for several decades, is famous for its roast goose.

Yue Kee Restaurant, which has been in existence for over forty years, is Hong Kong’s most famous restaurant serving this dish. Therefore, the soup is called made from fake shark fins.

Mushrooms, black tinder, pork and other ingredients are added one by one to the soup after it boils. Seasonings are added along with the meat: pepper, Zhejiang vinegar and sesame oil.

This soup was popular in the 1980s among people living on Mosque Street – a street located in Singapore’s Chinatown. Since this soup was considered a kind of street food, you can buy it from a street vendor who poured the soup into a small bowl. Therefore, this soup was also called “shark fin in a bowl”

Lvzaiji Restaurant, where you can taste this delicacy, is located on Shao Kei Wan Main East Street.

Noodles bought from a vendor in a rickshaw

These noodles, a kind of fast food, have been popular among Hong Kong residents since the 1960s. By the way, excellent value for money.

These are instant noodles served with pork skin, fish balls or fillets, carrots, soup and sauce. Since the ingredients used to make these noodles can vary greatly, the taste as well as the price of the dish can also vary greatly.

Previously, street vendors sold noodles standing next to their wooden rickshaws, which is why the noodles were nicknamed so. And, although vendors in wooden rickshaws have become part of history, you can buy noodles in any store.

Fruit sago mix

Fruit sago mix is a traditional popular Hong Kong dessert. Sweet and sour fruits mixed with milk flavor and sago balls are the best summer treat.

You can buy this dessert in many places, but Xisha Confectionery, with a history of over forty years, offers the best of them.

And, as the name implies, they make it from fish. There are two recipes for this dish.

The first was used by street vendors and dates back to the 1850s. According to this recipe, fish balls are made from fried fish meat and seasoned with a spicy or sweet sauce. You can buy them at any street food stall.

According to the second recipe, fish balls are served raw, as part of a hot pot (hot broth and raw ingredients are brought to the table, and you add whatever you like when making your own recipe) or with noodles in hot broth. The price of such a dish is higher, and the taste is different from the snack prepared according to the first recipe.

You can buy it in any traditional market or in a supermarket.

Hong Kong style milk tea

Milk tea is an integral part of life for many Hong Kong people and is part of the afternoon tea.

Hong Kong style milk tea uses Ceylon black tea, condensed milk and sugar. Tea is poured at the bottom of the mug, and condensed milk on top. It is believed that in the best milk tea, the taste of milk is felt stronger than tea. Its taste depends on the ingredients and the method of brewing.

In general, the price of such tea is the same, both in western restaurants in Hong Kong and in chachangten (tea restaurant), as well as in day pay dong (tiny restaurants). Nowadays, milk tea has become a symbol of Hong Kong. He is also often mentioned in films.

Lan Fong Yuen is a chachangten restaurant, famous for its traditional milk tea and fifty years of history, located in the central area.

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