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Turkish dishes that you should definitely try

Tasting local delicacies while traveling is as important as visiting Hagia Sophia or taking a cruise on the Bosphorus. The culinary culture of the country is rooted in the Ottoman history of Turkey. Hence, today there are many similarities between Turkish and Greek cuisine.

Traditional Turkish cuisine includes a mouthwatering mix of seasoned meats, fresh vegetables, delicious appetizers and fresh juices. And while there are many different delicacies in Turkey, GoodTAM brings you 20 of the best traditional Turkish dishes that everyone should try.


Gozleme is most compared to a Mexican quesadilla if you’ve ever tried it. For those who haven’t tried it, it’s something like a stuffed pancake. It is made from hand-kneaded dough, which is then oiled. The most commonly used are cheese, potatoes, herbs, eggplant, or any other ingredients you wish. If you come to Turkey and don’t try Gozleme, then you will miss one of the best Turkish traditional dishes. You may even be surprised to know that you are the only one who visited this country and did not try this delicious dish.


Borek is another traditional Turkish dish. It is prepared in large quantities, and then, when it is ready, served in small portions. Borek is prepared with stuffing. The pastry consists of a thin puff pastry known as yufka. It is then stuffed with cheese, potatoes or spinach.


Meze is not the main meal. These are snacks for any dish you order in Turkey. Turkish snacks come in many forms.


You can’t talk about Turkish cuisine without paying special attention to Turkish breakfast. The classic Turkish breakfast, better known as kahvalti (kah-VAHL’-tuh), consists of fresh cheeses such as feta and kashkaval, black and green olives, freshly baked white bread, fruit jams, honey, sweet butter and plenty of freshly brewed tea. Black tea is served in Turkish tea glasses. Every morning, tea is brewed with love, and small bowls and cutlery are placed on the table, designed specifically for eating breakfast foods in small portions. Dishes are arranged elegantly, no matter how modest the table.

Turkish manti 

Manti is the most famous Turkish dish.  It takes quite a long time to prepare this dish, and in order to enjoy the whole process, it is prepared either with friends or with family members. Traditionally, the ability to cook manti was used to prove cooking skills.


Have you ever tried sweet and salty yogurt? Well, if not, then definitely try ayran. Whenever ordering doner or durum in Turkey, there is always airan nearby. And if you try this drink for the first time, it may seem a little strange, but in a few days you will definitely get involved) Iskandar


Iskender kebab is one of the most favorite dishes among the people of Turkey and not only. Thinly sliced beef, tomato sauce and ghee are the holy trinity of this local kebab that comes from Bursa (also sometimes called bursa kebab). Many call it a new level diner kebab: thin strips of tender smoked meat.

covered with tomato sauce, are placed on top of sliced \u200b\u200bcrispy flatbread – to better absorb all the sauce. Traditionally, this dish is served with golden ghee on top. Lamb is traditionally used, although veal, beef, or poultry may also be used. After the meat is well fried, it is cut into thin strips. The lower part, which is not fried, is left to cook further.


Köfte can be attributed to the Turkish version of meatballs. These are balls or cutlets, which are most often made from minced meat or minced lamb. In addition to beef or lamb, you can also order a vegetarian version of chig-kofte.


Lahmacun is a Turkish pizza topped with minced meat, lettuce and lemon juice. Lahmacun comes in a variety of flavors. In Turkey, this dish can be found on most of the streets, as many citizens as well as foreigners love this delicious dish.


A rare type of breakfast, but very tasty for those who know about it. Menemen is a delicious dish, but it is not on the menu of most restaurants in Turkey. It consists of scrambled eggs cooked with steamed vegetables. To prepare it, you will need onions, tomatoes, green peppers, black pepper and oregano.


Kumpir is one of the most famous street foods found in both beach resorts and towns. This traditional Turkish dish consists of a baked potato with a crispy skin and a delicate filling inside. There are many toppings to choose from. When the potatoes are baked, they are mixed with butter and pale yellow sheep’s milk cheese.

When preparing Kumpir, the seller asks what kind of filling you want to add to your potatoes. Kumpir is commonly sold on the streets, especially in tourist spots.

Sis kebab

Sis kebap – Turkish grilled meat skewers. They are usually served with fried tomatoes and onions. For its preparation, wooden or metal skewers are used. And just like lahmacun, Sis kebab is a Turkish street food that most Turkish people love. On your next trip to Turkey, you should include Sis Kebab in your list of Turkish dishes to enjoy.

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