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10 most secret recipes from fast food chains: you will get much tastier!

After a week of work, on weekends, we want to enjoy our rest with might and main and often eat ready-made food from fast food restaurants. Many lovers of such snacks consider this a better option than cooking their favorite dishes on their own. But just imagine how much money you will save if you make your favorite burgers yourself, and not pay a lot of money for them in dubious cafes.

Today we will introduce our readers to the ten best and at the same time secret recipes that chain catering establishments so carefully hide from us.

McDonald’s Big Mac

Big Mac’s Big Secret Revealed! If you want to accurately recreate the taste of the world famous burger, use the products listed here whenever possible. But if you want to replace the cheese of the specified variety with another, as well as one or more seasonings and sauce, this will not be a big sin.


Cut each bun in half. Set aside the top part of the regular one – you won’t need it. Brown them lightly on top and bottom, and the top with sesame seeds on the bottom side only. Fry two whole beef patties like you would for regular hamburgers.

After that, on the two prepared parts from the buns, lay the ingredients in layers. First put 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sauce. Then add 1/8 cup chopped lettuce. Place one thin slice of cheese on top. Lay pickled cucumber slices in the center.

When the cutlets are ready, arrange them one by one on both buns. Then carefully place one on top of the other, trying not to shift the ingredients, and on top – a “crown” with sesame seeds. Well, what shall we try?Cabbage salad, like in KFC

For those who don’t know what KFC is, let’s decipher it: Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is the name of a chain of express cafes (fast-food restaurant chain), which has recently begun to develop rapidly in Russia.

Its products fell in love with many residents of Russian cities and became quite famous. Kale salad makes a worthy place on our list due to its great taste and health benefits.


Cabbage and carrots need to be finely chopped. Transfer this mixture to a large bowl and add the chopped onion. Add it and vegetable oil to the vegetable mixture and mix thoroughly. Cover bowl with salad and refrigerate for several hours or overnight before serving. Vitamin snack is ready!

Chicken, like in KFC

The peculiarity of this simple recipe is that the chicken cooked according to it turns out to be a delicious crispy crust – one to one with the original. It’s quick and very easy to prepare. You can create your own recipe for this dish.


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Cut the chicken legs into 8 pieces (4 drumsticks and 4 thighs). Mix all dry ingredients in a zippered bag. If there is no such bag, use a bowl, adding seasonings in turn and mixing them thoroughly each time.

Moisten the chicken with water or oil. Put one or two pieces of chicken into a bag and shake well. Then send the prepared pieces to a greased pan. Use rapeseed or peanut oil to keep the chicken legs from sticking to the dishes. 25 minutes before the end of cooking, drizzle the pieces with oil from the pan to form a golden crust.

The resulting dish will have a spicy-sweet taste and breathtaking aroma! And paprika will give it a beautiful bronze hue. Leftover chicken mixture can also be used for fish, shrimp, vegetables, or other meats. Bon appetit!

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola recipe is one of the most “secret secrets” in the world. But, apparently, now this terrible secret has ceased to be such.

Add to the mixture 0.3 g of caffeine, 0.37 g of caramel (or burnt sugar) and 0.11 g of phosphoric acid.
Make a dry extract of coca leaves (Truxillo variety is preferred).

Soak coca leaves and powdered kola nuts (0.37 g) in 22 grams of 20% alcohol. Previously, 20% California white wine was used as such a steeping base, but Coca-Cola later probably switched to a simple water/alcohol mixture.
After soaking, the mixture of coca and cola must be extracted by straining and leave one liquid syrup.

Add 30 grams of lemon juice (an ingredient apparently no longer used by Coca-Cola), or replace with citric acid diluted in water, and sodium citrate for a strong lime juice flavor.
Then mix 0.88 g lemon oil, 0.20 g Chinese cinnamon oil and 0.47 g orange oil. If desired, 0.07 grams of nutmeg oil, a pinch of coriander, lavender and neroli oil can be added to 4.9 grams of 95% alcohol.
Shake the resulting mixture well.

Add 2.7 g of water to the alcohol mixture of oils and let it brew for twenty-four hours at a temperature of about 15.5 ° C. A cloudy precipitate should separate.
Drain the clear part of the liquid and add the syrup.
Mix everything with 19 g of glycerin and 1.5 g of vanilla extract.
Add water to make 1 liter of syrup.
This recipe was used to flavor sparkling water at 28.4 milligrams per bottle. In fairness, I would like to note that representatives of the Coca-Cola concern do not show any nervousness in connection with the declassification of the recipe.

The company’s technologists said that the composition of the drink presented to the public has nothing to do with the world famous soda. But the management of the company’s archive nevertheless acknowledged the possibility that in this case it could be a previous recipe for today’s Coca-Cola.

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