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Those Tahini Halva Cookies This is what a double-batch of those halva cookies …

Those Tahini Halva Cookies ?

This is what a double-batch of those halva cookies looks like. I’m taking a close look at this pic myself because this pile only looks that full for maybe 30 seconds before I’m straight in there eating them all. Which is why I usually only bake one roll at a time (Cannot. Be. Trusted. Around. Cookies).

This recipe makes approx 30 slice’n’bake style cookies – 15 per log. The ‘logs’ keep for a good week in the fridge (if wrapped properly) or can be frozen (just add a few mins onto the cooking time).


125g softened salted butter
100g light muscovado sugar
45g golden caster sugar
1tsp vanilla bean paste

285g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
1 medium egg
2 tbsp milk
30g chopped roasted hazelnuts
125g halva of choice
100g dark choc chips/chunks

– combine the above together then tip onto a clean worktop (it will look like it won’t come together – it will). Work it just a little until it forms a ball. Split in two.

– roll each ball into long sausages/logs. Wrap in cling film. I actually find it easier to get the dough in the cling film first, then roll & shape. Rest them in the fridge for min 30mins.

– Preheat oven to gas 4. Take a cookie log out the fridge & slice into 1/2 inch pieces (approx). Pop each cookie on a parchment-lined sheet pan & flatten slightly with your palm. Sprinkle on some sea salt (optional but delicious).

– Pop into the oven (top shelf) for 12-15mins (I like more of a biscuit texture, so bake mine for the full 15). These don’t spread much during cooking, but I rotate the tray once 1/2 way through & if any look a bit misshapen I push them back into a nice circle with a spoon.

– Remove and cool. They will be soft when they come out, so leave them on the parchment when you transfer to a cooling rack. How long can you wait before diving into an oven-fresh cookie? ?

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  2. @real.foodie kitchen notes: I don’t personally recommend subbing the halva (you really lose the essence of these beauties, just pop to your local Turkish shop if it’s not in the supermarket – it’ll be cheaper too and you can choose any flavour). You can leave out the nuts, it doesn’t seem to make any difference but I usually up the chocolate chips to 150g (50g of the massive chocolate chips work well in these).

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