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How brunch can help you lose weight: nutritionist explains

Try incorporating brunch into your daily schedule. The effectiveness of this trick has been proven by a popular British nutritionist.

But should you have breakfast as soon as you wake up, or is it better to wait a few hours and do other things? Different experts have different views on this issue.

The British, Dr. Michael Mosley, undertook to clarify the situation. He is a former doctor turned journalist and television presenter, often focusing on health and fitness issues.  Including Fast 800, which is good if you need to quickly lose weight without experiencing severe hunger and other inconveniences and providing the body with all the necessary elements (read also: Fast 800 diet: how to lose weight without denying yourself anything).

Writing in the Daily Mail, Dr Michael Mosley said that by following diets that are scientifically backed, people can actually curb weight gain in the long term. However, the expert also warns that problems tend to arise when those who have lost weight and achieved impressive results begin to return to their old habits. Often this is what causes the initial weight gain or even an increase in volume. However, certain habits can help smooth out deviations from the intended path.

Dr. Mosley noted that cutting out one of your daily meals can be a good way to reduce the total number of calories you eat in a day. After this in the evening you can afford a full dinner.

feel like my pants are tight, I manage to maintain my weight, volume waist, blood sugar and blood pressure, and the indicators decrease without counting calories,” Michael reported about his experience, also following the positive dynamics with the example of his clients.

By fasting days we mean another well-known technique of Dr. Mosley – the “5:2” diet. Unlike Fast 800, it is not aimed at rapid weight loss, but at preventing weight gain after reaching the desired number on the scale. The idea is to eat as moderately as possible for two days out of seven, but providing the body with all the necessary nutrients, and the remaining five days to relax and not count calories (read also: Fasting days: instructions for use).

However, Mosley constantly emphasizes how important it is for people on diets to get enough protein every day. The expert emphasizes that getting enough protein will help people move from the initial phase of intensive early dieting to a healthy regular eating regimen. “With a new emphasis on making sure you eat enough protein at every meal (adding protein snacks like nuts, Greek yogurt, or a slice of cheese) and cutting down on carbs, you should be able to effortlessly enter a state called ‘ketosis.’ . This is when your body naturally seeks out stored fat to burn as fuel,” explains Michael.

Dr. Moseley has already said that on fasting days, designed to maintain optimal weight, you can keep your calorie intake normal by reducing the number of meals from three to two. Firstly, the human body can easily cope with the feeling of hunger, and there is nothing unnatural about it. Secondly, if you select sufficiently nutritious meals that provide the body with energy, the body will only once reduce the burden of processing calories.

The upside of skipping breakfast is that you can afford much more for lunch and dinner than if you were trying to fit a limited number of calories into three meals. In addition, not everyone feels hungry in the early morning, and eating something unless absolutely necessary is not a good idea if you are afraid of excess weight.

This diet will allow you to achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time, and you will not have to give up milk, nuts, meat, chocolate and even alcohol. It’s all about proper distribution of calories.

The Fast 800 diet owes its popularity to Dr. Michael Mosley. The Briton is a former doctor turned journalist and television presenter, often focusing on health and fitness issues. Mosley loves to debunk nutrition myths and challenge conventional wisdom by appealing to the latest research. Then I started eating legumes.” Moseley’s own experience with weight loss in 2012 allows him to rightly say that losing weight cannot be easy. “You’ll have to do something somewhat radical rather than just making minor changes to your diet,” says Michael.

More than one study has shown that any diet should contain foods rich in protein and other beneficial elements (read also: 6 foods that should be included in any diet).

However, the fashionable diet is not limited to eating habits alone.  In addition to losing unwanted pounds, the Moseley method promises to normalize blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of developing various diseases and help improve the quality and length of life.

People on the Moseley diet are advised to start their day with eggs – this product is ideal for effective weight loss. “Boiled, poached, scrambled or scrambled, they keep you full longer than cereal or toast,” says The Fast 800. That being said, processed meat should be included in your menu “in moderation.” This means that instead of bacon and eggs for breakfast, it is better to choose sardines or turkey. You can give your body the “healthy fats” it needs with avocados and extra virgin olive oil. This will improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

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