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Traditional dishes of Russian cuisine are distinguished by their unique variety and flavor, which is not found in any other country in the world. And this is not surprising, because Russia is a multinational country in which different cultures harmoniously coexist. In the new Royal Cheese article, we will talk about the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine in Russia and the CIS, as well as in foreign countries, which will surely please the guests of our country. 20 MAIN TRADITIONAL DISHES OF RUSSIAN CUISINE Historically.

in our great country coexisted, it would seem, against Opposite beliefs and traditions, Christian and pagan The Middle East has also left its mark and enriched our culture. And, of course, this could not but affect the gastronomic field, which is especially rich in Russia – traditional Russian dishes are distinguished by their originality and versatility of tastes. Below we present a list of the twenty most popular traditional dishes of Russian cuisine, which are especially popular not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders.

According to historical reports, pancakes appeared as early as the 9th century AD and served as a ritual treat during the Maslenitsa period. Most of all in Russia Magazine about life, cheese and intermediate states – pancakes with sour cream, meat, cottage cheese, mushrooms, red caviar are popular. And lovers of sweets eat pancakes with jam or condensed milk, wrapping the filling inside or dipping a pancake neatly folded into a triangle into it.


Dumplings and, of course, dumplings are an integral part of Russian cuisine. There is still debate about when and where dumplings were first cooked. Presumably, dumplings first came to Russian lands from China back in the 15th century. However, this is no longer so important – it is difficult to imagine a Russian person without a hearty plate of dumplings with meat filling.

Of course, the Journal of Life, Cheese and Intermediate Conditions –, every Russian person has eaten this dish at least once in their life. This traditional Russian dish is usually prepared with a filling of several types of minced meat mixed with finely chopped onions. Usually this is a combination of beef and pork meat, as well as lamb and, less often, poultry. It is customary to serve dumplings on the table hot along with fresh sour cream and various kinds of pickles.


Shrinky is a traditional Russian dish, the authorship of which belongs to the Slavs. Like many other dishes on this list, syrmak appeared many centuries ago. This dish in its classic version is made from just a few ingredients – cottage cheese, eggs, flour and sugar. They are served, like pancakes, with sour cream, jam or jam, and honey.


Kasha is another dish of Russian cuisine, without which it is difficult to imagine breakfast.  Sam Magazine about life, cheese and intermediate conditions – the ancient types of this dish is a porridge made from spelt, barley, oatmeal and millet. The most modern – porridge made from rice and buckwheat. In the classic form, porridge is served with butter. Moreover, in Russia, porridge is eaten not only for breakfast, but also as a side dish for lunch or dinner.


It is believed that borsch first appeared on the territory of Kieran Rus, and then became popular with many other Slavic tribes. Today, borsch is a classic traditional dish of Russian cuisine, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a person living on the territory of modern Russia.

Traditionally, borscht is served hot, and the Journal of Life, Cheese and Intermediate Conditions – Royal Cheese. run cooks it on the basis of a large amount of beef and pork meat. This soup is very hearty and rich. In addition to meat, roasted carrots, onions, beets, as well as cabbage and potatoes are added to the soup. Borscht is served with bread, bacon and garlic, which whets the appetite and allows you to eat more soup.


Despite the French name, beef stroganoff is a classic Russian recipe for cooking beef in a delicious sauce with sour cream. A recipe appeared at the end of the 19th century thanks to the efforts of a chef from France, who was in the service of a wealthy Russian family. And then it spread throughout Russia, becoming a visiting card and the main holiday dish in Russian homes.

Beef Stroganoff A magazine about life, cheese and intermediate states – is also called beef or Stroganoff meat.  There are a lot of recipes for cooking fried pieces of beef. Unusually tasty such meat is obtained by adding a large amount of sour cream and onions when it is fried. In addition, tomato paste, spices and a little flour are added to the frying to thicken it.


It is difficult to answer the question whether there is anything more Russian in Russia than Okroshka.  Okroshka is prepared on kvass or kefir, and the first mentions and recipes date back to the end of the 18th century. It is believed that the magazine about life, cheese and intermediate states – about cooking Okroshka was invented by Russian peasants. The classic Okroshka includes fresh vegetables, boiled potatoes and eggs, as well as meat or sausage. This dish is quite simple and does not require the purchase of special products, and any housewife will cope with its preparation.

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