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Few recipes of Russian cuisine have earned worldwide recognition, but the combination of abundance and sophistication that is inherent in it resonates both in the soul of a gourmet and a lover of comfort and elegance.

What could be better in the cold Moscow winter than tasty, hearty food – potatoes, bread, sour cream, incomparable pastries and much more, which seems to be warmed by the warmth of the Russian soul. Delicate smoked fish, the thinnest pancakes.

red and black caviar are irreplaceable parts of Russian cuisine. Russian cuisine is firmly rooted in its own traditions and recipes. Let’s explore the delicious cuisine that our Motherland is ready to offer, we bring to your attention 10 traditionally Russian dishes. Pay attention to the 10 most delicious chicken recipes.

The amazingly delicious aroma and taste of the soup will not leave you indifferent. Another truly Russian soup to try is ukha, a soup made from fish and vegetable broth.


Russian salad is famous all over the world. The basis of the salad is always: potatoes, eggs, peas, seasoned with mayonnaise or sour cream. The use of fresh and pickled cucumbers in preparation will add additional freshness to the salad. It is curious that the original salad recipe was changed, the original ingredients were replaced with cheaper ones. As a result, the preparation of Olivier became available to a wide audience.


Russian cuisine is rich in recipes for salting, smoking, and marinating fish, emphasizing the delicate taste. If you are partial to fish, in Russia you can taste smoked salmon – as a separate dish or with pancakes – and, of course, the famous Herring under a Fur Coat salad with a unique combination of the taste of salted fish, boiled vegetables, crispy onions and mayonnaise.


If you are not a fan of lightly salted fish, then well-fried fish or meat kebab is your choice. Shish kebab is made from lamb, pork, chicken, and salmon. Served with lavash, pickles, ketchup or adjika can be served to taste for spiciness.


Russian pies are made with all kinds of fillings, fried in a frying pan with a little oil or cooked in the oven. The choice of fillings is very extensive:


The intricate-looking honey cake consists of ultra-thin layers of honey sponge cake with sweet cream. Thin layers form a cake (from 5 to 15 layers), which is sprinkled with nuts on top and left overnight so that the cream is well soaked. This effect is achieved thanks to Russian sour cream, and we must not forget that Russia is the birthplace of many varieties of mushrooms.


Mushroom julienne tastes like beef stroganoff, but without the addition of meat, a creamy mushroom dish can be found on almost any menu as a hot appetizer. The dish is served in an elegant metal dish or on a crust of bread.


In addition to Russian vodka, you will find a variety of teas on offer and alcoholic warm drinks that are worth trying. Tea is a very popular drink in Russia, traditionally poured from a samovar, which can be found in specialized Russian restaurants.

Gastronomic tourism to Russia? Why not. It is the largest country in the world, and the abundance of climatic zones and numerous nationalities have seriously influenced the diversity of local cuisine. Russian cuisine is based on vegetables and grains, so among the classic dishes you will find various soups, porridges and treats made from dough, with and without filling.


Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) are considered the national Russian dish, although their homeland is still debated. They can be served separately, adding butter or seasoning with sour cream, or in soup broth.


Some people consider vareniki a vegetarian alternative to dumplings, but this is a separate Russian dish. The filling for sweet dumplings is most often cottage cheese or berries (strawberries, cherries). Dumplings are also prepared with potatoes, mushrooms and cabbage.


This dish consists of pieces of meat in jelly. Cooking takes a lot of time: first, the meat (usually pork and chicken) is boiled for a long time along with various parts of the animal’s body (ears, hooves), then it is disassembled into pieces, poured with broth and put in a cold place to form a jelly-like mass, for about a day.


Porridge is a classic version of Russian breakfast. Oatmeal, rice or millet groats are boiled in milk, sugar, berries and a little butter are added. Various porridges are also used as a side dish for meat dishes.


To make pancakes you will need a batter made from milk, eggs and flour. The dough is poured into a frying pan with a ladle and fried on both sides. The resulting thin flatbreads can be dipped in sour cream, jam, honey, or wrapped in berries, cottage cheese and even buckwheat porridge. Traditionally, pancakes are prepared for Maslenitsa. And the word “damn” is a parasite in the speech of Russian people. (Parasite words in Russian)


Dishes made from dough and various fillings are no less popular in Russia than soups. Pies can have either a sweet filling (berries, apples) or any other filling. Pies with potatoes, onions and eggs, cabbage, mushrooms, and liver are very common.

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