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Creamy courgette rigati with garlic + parmesan: this one’s packed with seasonal …

Creamy courgette rigati with garlic + parmesan: this one’s packed with seasonal goodness, a splash of cream for decadence and it’s veggie too ?

You GUYS! My DMs were pinging last night after this had a little debut on my stories, so I thought I’d better get the recipe out asap! In all honestly it was a bid to use up some seasonal greens, pack in some nutrients & also create a speedy dinner!

But I guess it goes to show that sometimes, it’s the unplanned things that can be the most rewarding – and in this case totally delicious! Ingredients + method are below & I’ll get a few steps up on stories later ?

(makes 2 portions)
Pine nuts – small handful (40g ish)
2 leeks – washed & cut into rounds
1 small bunch of rainbow chard (cut the stalks off & chop to use first)
3-4 baby courgettes (or 1-2 big ones) – cut into rounds
2 garlic cloves – grated/minced
1/2 stock melt (I did use chicken but veggie is fine)
100ml pasta water (approx.)
50ml double cream (approx.)
Parmigiano-Reggiano (I used about an inch piece from the thick end, gated)
Pinch of sea salt
Big pinch freshly cracked black pepper
1/2 bag pasta of choice (I liked the big Paccheri rigati pasta in this)
Olive oil to cook/serve

1 – Toast the pine nuts on a low heat for a few mins until golden. Set aside to top.
2 – get your pasta on to cook (the sauce should be cooked at the same time)
3 – pop the leeks & chard stalks in a pan with a little olive oil – soften for 1-2 mins. Then add the courgettes. Cook for another 1-2mins (I don’t like super soft veg). Grate in the garlic. Cook out for 1 min.
4 – add the 1/2 a stock melt + pasta water. Let that dissolve. Then add the cream. Then the parmesan. Mix, taste, adjust & season with salt and pepper.
5 – add the chard leaves (I stack the leaves, roll them up, then slice them super fine). Pop a lid on & steam/cook for 1-2 mins.
6 – give it a good stir. Add pasta (+ a little more pasta water if needed). Serve topped with pine nuts & extra parm.

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