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how to avoid overeating at the festive table

We all look forward to it, but, alas, in anticipation of the holiday, we often forget about past mistakes. Admit it, after all, on January 1, when plentiful feasts and noisy companies are already in the past, you, too.

at least once in your life suffered from remorse because of the amount you ate, suffered from a hangover due to the abundance of diverse cocktails, or even – God forbid – headaches, heaviness in the stomach or poisoning? Well, such a state can overshadow even the brightest memories of the holiday. How to prevent this, we were told by a nutritionist Lubok Okolona.


Of course, every hostess strives to put as many dishes on the festive table as possible.  It is clear that the New Year’s menu cannot be low-calorie by definition, but it is very possible to reduce the amount of fat in dishes without sacrificing taste.

“Mayonnaise is a poison for the liver and stomach, and such dressing does not contribute to a slender waist,” says the nutritionist. – Of course, you can’t do without it in traditional Olivier, but what makes us add it to other salads? Yes, and for such traditional dishes as a fur coat and Russian salad, it is quite possible to choose mayonnaise with a reduced calorie content.

By the way, I am sharing a family secret: we make dressing from a mixture of mayonnaise and low-fat (10%) sour cream – 50 to 50. It turns out much tastier and about half the fat (due to the fact that 65-75% mayonnaise was not used to the full, but only half the required amount) remains in the pack, and not at the waist.

Also, Lubok Okolona recommends giving preference not to a salad, but to sliced ​​\u200b\u200bfresh vegetables. If other “non-traditional” salads are planned on your table, try to choose those that can be seasoned not with mayonnaise, but with olive oil.


Fried ribs with potatoes are not the best choice for the New Year’s table, especially given the abundance of high-calorie salads and snacks. Moreover, the mistress of the next year, the Snake, prefers rabbits, birds and fish. Yes, and nutritionists believe this choice is more correct.

For hot dishes, instead of chops, pork steaks or pieces of fatty meat on the bone, offer guests a traditional roast goose or roast rabbit. Better yet, bake fish in the oven, such as salmon or trout with vegetables. It will turn out very tasty and unusual, and most importantly – useful!

You can serve vegetables cooked in the oven, grilled vegetables or sautéed as a side dish. But potatoes in combination with meat, and even after cold appetizers, are just a “bomb” for the stomach and waist.


When choosing drinks for a festive feast, first of all, pay attention to their safety and shelf life. Do not buy in the markets and from the hands and choose only brands you know.

It is easy to drink and unexpectedly intoxicating. Therefore, do not overdo it and do not drink on an empty stomach. First, eat something, and only then drink for the “outgoing year.”

A very common mistake – a person intends to drink strong alcohol all evening (for example, vodka), but paying tribute to tradition, he drinks a glass of champagne at the beginning of the evening …

– Bubbles in champagne contain carbon dioxide, which accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the blood, – says the nutritionist. – Even if you are going to drink champagne all evening.

“release” a little bubbles by stirring the glass with a special whisk. By the way, people in the West like to do this very much, and now it is quite a fashionable gesture.

However, the following situation sometimes arises at the table: there were more guests than they thought, or everyone drank only one drink, or there was less alcohol … In general, the alcohol that you drank ends in the midst of fun.

– If it so happened, then do not interfere at least with grape and grain alcohol, – Okolona advises. – And in no case do not lower the “degree”!

You can not switch from red wine to white, in extreme cases – vice versa. From dry wine you can go to sweet, but not in reverse order!

On the table must be mineral water without gas. She (and not compotes, juices, and especially sweet soda) can be washed down with alcohol and food.


A familiar picture: first, all kinds of snacks, salads, sandwiches and cuts appear on the table. After half an hour they put it hot. Guests begin to eat everything mixed up and after half an hour they feel heaviness in the stomach, drowsiness, etc.

– At the New Year’s table, I want to try everything, but try not to do it right away. Take breaks in food, at least for 15 minutes, – the expert advises. – It is very undesirable to interfere with more than 5 dishes, try to choose something for yourself exactly in this limit – for example, vegetables, a little salad.

a side dish and meat plus, if you wish , save the fifth item for dessert. It  But here, too, you should be careful – after an abundance of fatty foods, many fruits can cause “fermentation” in the stomach.

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