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The main entertainment of December for every housewife is to think over the New Year’s menu: recipes, snacks, decoration and table setting.

The menu for the New Year is a little different every time from the menu of previous years: we modify the usual holiday recipes, try something new, try to please ourselves, our relatives, and the magical symbol of the coming year, so that New Year’s dishes appease him and bring good luck.

So what should be the New Year’s menu for 2023? What to cook on the New Year’s table so that it is simple, tasty and unusual? How to supplement the list of dishes for the New Year so that the Black Water Rabbit, the patron saint of the coming year, is happy with your home banquet and favors you for the next 365 days? The article contains tips for each menu item and recipes with photos.

A delicious New Year’s Eve dinner usually includes a variety of appetizers and salads, one main course and dessert. But the list of dishes can be changed, but the other three rules must be observed exactly:

Simple recipes. Choose as simple a menu as possible for the New Year to cook food quickly and not stand at the stove until the chiming clock.
Ease. Still, this is a late dinner, so on New Year’s Eve the table should not burst from heavy, overly satisfying treats.

Beauty and atmosphere. The food itself is not as important as the festive serving, because the New Year’s meal is not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also the joy of being with loved ones, feeling the spirit of magic in your home, believing in a fairy tale for a while.


Even in the lightest menu there is a place for salads. They are easy to make at home and don’t take a lot of time. By the way, if you are too lazy to stand for cutting, you can order delicious fresh salads and snacks with home delivery – and already with New Year’s decor!

classic salads

The most popular New Year’s salads – a legacy of Soviet cuisine – can be made a little more pleasant for the Rabbit by slightly modifying the recipe.

Olivier: put a little less potatoes and boiled eggs in the salad, more carrots, add fresh cucumber along with pickled cucumber to the recipe, and also dill greens. It will turn out very bunny.

Cheese and other dense salads can be wrapped in pita bread along with lettuce, and green peas can be added to the chicken salad. Wherever possible, replace heavy mayonnaise with lighter, more flavorful sauces based on balsamic and olive oil.

Salads with seafood and fish

It is also better to make herring under a fur coat slightly crispy: to do this, cut the red onion into half rings, lightly marinate with apple cider vinegar, and put sweet and sour apple cubes on top. Then salt and finish the salad as usual.

Instead of rice, eggs and cheese, put thinly chopped white cabbage, cilantro greens and green celery cubes in a traditional crab meat salad. The usual Mimosa will sparkle with new colors if you spread the salad in small portions and change the order of the layers so that a bright carrot is on top. A couple of parsley branches – and the appetizer will be even more “carrot”.

Warm salads

A more refined and healthy treat than traditional cold salads: warm salads can be based on cooked hot meat, fish and poultry, as well as baked vegetables.

Recipe: Panzanella

4 large orange bell peppers baked in the oven with olive oil and sea salt at a temperature of 200 degrees. Peel, remove seeds, cut into strips, add chopped onion, vinegar, chili pepper, chopped basil leaves, slices of toasted white bread and strips of salami. Tear the mozzarella into large pieces and put on top of the salad.

Recipe: Beefsteak Salad

Grease the beef tenderloin with mustard, salt, fry until medium and immediately cut into slices. Put the meat on a salad mix, add sun-dried tomatoes and pour over the narsharab sauce.

original salads

Once upon a time, the usual Olivier seemed to our grandparents very original – so it’s hard to say which dish will surprise your loved ones. One way or another, we bring to your attention a few simple, but unbanal combinations.

Recipes for unusual salads

Arugula + fried chicken liver + pear slices + pomegranate seeds + hot sauce

Boiled chicken + canned pineapple + smoked cheese + yogurt + mustard

Corn + red lettuce + lemon juice + cherry tomatoes

Light Salad Recipes

Arugula + mini mozzarella + sun-dried tomatoes + honey mustard sauce

Romano salad + lettuce + baked grapes + parmesan + walnut + balsamic dressing

Iceberg lettuce + quail eggs + cherry tomatoes + spicy cream sauce

Arugula + roasted beetroot slices + pine nuts + roasted garlic and olive oil sauce

Portioned hot appetizers

The leader here is everyone’s favorite Julien. This year, it is better to choose not white mushrooms for its preparation, but lighter chanterelles. And no chicken!

Another good recipe is cheese balls: mix grated cheese, an egg and a couple of tablespoons of flour, add herbs, dip in breadcrumbs and deep-fry.

Meat hot snacks

Classics – pies or pancakes with meat or baked meatballs. But if you can avoid meat or at least dilute the dish with vegetable fiber, it will be very healthy. For example, you can wrap a spicy filling of boiled red beans and nuts in pancakes, and replace meatballs with gnocchi – delicious Scandinavian dumplings.

Recipe: Christmas Gnocchi

1 kg boiled potatoes + 200 g flour + 1 raw egg + butter + a handful of grated parmesan. Mix, roll into balls, boil in boiling water and drain in a colander. Cook just before serving, like dumplings.

Sauce for gnocchi:

250 g peeled tomatoes in their own juice, ground black pepper, 1 teaspoon starch, smoked paprika, parsley, garlic.

Well, you can not refuse pies on New Year’s Eve – if you have time to order them in cooking. And not only with meat!

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