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Top 10 Foods to Add to Your Diet

However, many are repelled by this, so they stop halfway and return to their former lives. It seems to them that dietary food is necessarily tasteless, boring and monotonous. We want to dispel this myth.  These ingredients are special because they can be added to absolutely any dish, thereby diversifying your diet and at the same time maintaining your figure and health. The following products must be eaten daily, then the positive effect will not be long in coming.

raw nuts

There is a long list of reasons why you should eat raw nuts every day. We are talking about the uncooked product, as it loses some healthy oils when roasted. Nowadays, almonds are very popular. Its positive effects on the body have been repeatedly proven. However, besides it, you should also pay attention to pistachios, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts and cashews. We remind you that if you roast, caramelize or buy salted nuts, they will bring much less benefit. Eating a handful of raw nuts daily can help control weight, glycemic levels, heart health, and cholesterol levels.


Antioxidants play an important role in our life. They help organs fight the damage that causes free radical disease. It is berries that boast a high content of antioxidants, as well as anthocyanins, quercetins and vitamin C. In addition, most berries are also rich in fiber and water, so they will become an indispensable product for people who control their weight.

Almond milk

Soy and dairy products are highly controversial products. In order not to risk your health, it is better to give preference to almond milk. The first benefit that all weight loss girls will love is that it is very low in calories (only 30 per serving; about 1/4 regular soy). Secondly, since it is made from almonds, it contains all the same nutrients as nuts.

Such milk helps the heart stay healthy and is great for the skin (thanks to vitamin E).

dark green

Kale, chard, spinach, broccoli – all this is just a small part of the existing representatives of dark greens. He not only looks exotic, but is also able to deal with many ailments. This drink is sold as a fine green powder that is brewed in hot but not boiled water. If a little foam is formed.

then the drink is prepared correctly. The benefits of matcha far outweigh those of regular loose leaf tea. However, it can not only be brewed. How interesting it is to prepare this drink, you can read in our article 5 healthy ways to include matcha tea in your diet.

Healthy Snacks

Most often, such snacks are prepared from poppy seeds, chia and camu camu berries. They can be found in health food stores or on the Internet. We included them in our list because they are rich in protein and fiber. Such an appetizer will be an excellent snack or even a dessert if cocoa is present in its composition.


Wheatgrass, alfalfa, sunflower, pumpkin, green leaves, lentil sprouts are all incredibly healthy and versatile foods. They can be added to any dishes, making them much healthier.  While more tender sprouts like alfalfa are great for salads or sandwiches. Plus, these products can be easily grown at home.


An amazing spice that can help lower blood sugar and affect other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  It must be included in your diet by all dieting girls.


With a healthier lifestyle now more than ever, and flax being the go-to health food, it can be found in countless forms, from oil to powder. Such a variety of forms of flax gives us the opportunity to add it to absolutely any dish. Eating flax every day in any form, we saturate our body with omen-3 fatty acids and fiber. It is worth noting that due to chemical compounds, this product contains 800 times more lignans (natural hormones) than other plant products.


Many people say that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, this is a myth. The dosage of water depends on many physical and dietary factors. You can slightly exceed your norm, but you need to approach this wisely. Water is essential for a healthy life. Drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal will help you eat less food, as we often confuse hunger with thirst. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin and improves metabolism.

We hope that thanks to our advice, leading a healthy lifestyle will become easier and more enjoyable.


Fresh vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins, beneficial trace elements, and substances that we need to fight various diseases. Green vegetables such as lettuce or spinach, among others, hold the record for nutrient content. Their regular use allows you to normalize the work of the intestines, restore immunity and more effectively cope with hypertension, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis.

Separately, white cabbage should be mentioned. The substances that this vegetable is rich in help the intestines work. This product is recommended for use by patients with gastritis, ulcers or low acidity. In addition, cabbage is an excellent assistant in the fight not only for our health, but also for beauty. Shiny strong hair and strong nails are a great bonus to excellent health.

Fruits and berries

Only the lazy one does not know that fresh fruits and berries are a significant source of vitamins and natural sugars, without which our body would have to be very difficult. In addition, they contain structured water, which is so important for the active functioning of the brain.

Apples are among the healthiest foods. This familiar fruit has truly healing properties. Their regular use has a positive effect on almost all vital systems in the body: cholesterol is removed from the blood vessels, the excretory system normalizes, the body’s immunity increases, and the skin condition improves. However, nutrition should not only be healthy, but also balanced. Therefore, in addition to apples, be sure to include other fresh fruits in your diet.

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