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What are some Balinese dishes to try?

You are right, Balinese cuisine has certain features that are associated with the traditions of the inhabitants of the island, which have been formed over many centuries and with the fact that the official religion of the island is Hindu, which leaves an imprint on the taste preferences of the Balinese. In general, we can say that Balinese cuisine is a kind of mixture of Indonesian, Indian and Chinese cuisine.

But unlike most of Indonesia, where the population professes Islam, the use of pork is allowed in Bali. The main ingredient, as in most other Asian countries, is rice, and almost all dishes are served with rice. In addition to rice, the local cuisine is dominated by a large number of all kinds of spices, which are grown in a large assortment on the island.

It is served both in ordinary eateries and in expensive restaurants. This dish can be meat, vegetarian or seafood (as you like). Usually scrambled eggs are placed on top of fried rice, and all this is served without fail with rice chips.

These are fried noodles served with the same ingredients as fried rice, but the taste of this dish will directly depend on which noodles are used in this dish. If this is instant noodles, then it is better not to order such a dish, as its taste will leave much to be desired.

Its main component is all kinds of vegetables: mushrooms, corn, leeks, carrots, cauliflower, which are fried in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil, after which salt, sugar and soy sauce are added to it, and at the end – corn starch to give it a jelly-like state.

Lumpia or spring rolls are very popular among European tourists. Some vacationers mistakenly think that we are talking about ordinary rolls, but this is not so. The composition of these rolls includes pancakes, which are made from rice paper and fried in oil. There are many varieties of fillings, locals prefer cabbage, grated carrots and lettuce, while tourists are more attracted to meat and seafood fillings. In some variations, spring rolls are not fried in oil, but baked or steamed.

Balinese cuisine consists of a large number of first courses, which are served not only in cafes and restaurants, but also on mobile carts. I can’t tell you anything about the hygienic characteristics of preparing such dishes, but it tastes good. Bakso soup is made with rice, tofu, noodles, meat balls, rice chips and other ingredients (there are many variations of this dish).

Lawar is one of the locals’ favorite dishes. This is quite strongly peppered, but at the same time very tasty pork meat. When locals hear the name of this dish, they will certainly burst into a smile. In restaurants, this dish is prepared from several types of meat at once (besides pork, they use duck, chicken and beef). A large amount of spices are added to the meat, as well as papaya, jackfruit and other fruits.

If possible, be sure to try Bebek betutu. This is not a daily dish, it is mainly prepared on holidays, and it is a duck in spices, which takes almost a whole day to cook. To make the meat tender, the duck is beaten for a long time, then marinated in a whole set of spices, wrapped in betel and banana leaves and stewed on fire for several hours.

Desserts in Bali are very specific and not to everyone’s taste. There are good pancakes made from rice flour with various fillings, some types of pastries, but if you want something sweet, I advise you to try fried bananas. With us you will not try such yummy. In local cuisine, fried bananas are cooked in batter, i.e. in the test.


One of the most interesting and specific purely Balinese dishes is a pig roasted on a spit. And we are not talking about any piglet, but exclusively about the young. The rest of Indonesia is Muslim and you will not try such a dish there, but in Bali they eat pork with great pleasure. This piglet is prepared using a mixture of local herbs and spices. After the baking process is completed.

the skin is removed from the piglet, but not thrown away, but cracklings are made from it. The dish is served with various sauces and boiled rice. In Bali, this dish can be found under the name babi gulling, but it is not served everywhere, but only in certain establishments, which in various ways draw the attention of vacationers to the fact that this is where they can try this dish. If this dish aroused your interest, then walking along the streets of the selected resort, pay attention to the signs and then you can find an institution where such pigs are cooked.

Poultry meat is very popular in Balinese cuisine. For example, duck is baked here very tasty, and this dish is called Bebek batutut (in the version with chicken, the name sounds like ayah batutut). Preparing this dish is simple, whole carcasses are smeared with various spices, wrapped in banana leaves and baked at a low temperature for about 24 hours. As a result, the meat is very soft, tender and with an amazing aroma. At one time, local chefs cook around 20-30 carcasses. It is most often served with peanut sauce or hot pepper and onion sauce.

Without much difficulty, you can find different types of barbecue in Bali. On the menu of local cafes, you can find it under the name Sate. Unlike kebabs in our cafes, in Bali this dish is prepared in small portions and is made not only from pork, but also from chicken, beef, shrimp and other seafood. Local kebabs are baked not on metal skewers, but on lemongrass sticks. This dish is prepared both in luxurious restaurants and in small roadside cafes.

If you are a fan of meat dishes, then pay attention to the caramelized pork ribs (Iga Babi Panggang). The dish is very juicy, soft, tasty and fragrant. As a marinade for these ribs, not only spices are used, but also honey. Unlike many other dishes, this dish is served not with rice, but with vegetables and baked potatoes. Since there are no difficulties in preparing this dish, it is served almost everywhere.

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