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10 dishes you need to try at least once in your life

Unfamiliar dishes are often found on the menu of restaurants. Each of them has its own cooking technology and keeps the culinary traditions of a particular people. However, not all go beyond the national cuisine and attract the attention of gourmets from all over the world.

Attractive aroma, special taste and rich history – we have compiled a selection of dishes that you should definitely try.


Not the president of Russia, but Canadian fast food. Known since the 1950s. Originally from Quebec City. The name of the dish comes from the Anglicism “pudding” – this is how Canadians called any food with several ingredients.

According to the original recipe, poutine is made with french fries, pickled cheese and sweet gravy. It became popular only in the early 2000s – then not a single fast food table in Canada, Belgium, France and the USA could do without it.

Putin is still in demand, and not only in Canadian fast food restaurants. When you try, supplement it with seafood: shrimp, crabs, squid. Great combination!

Peking Duck

The first written mention of Peking duck dates back to 1330. The author of the recipe is Chinese nutritionist Hu Sihui. It was he who was responsible for the health of the imperial court during the Yuan dynasty. Today, Peking duck can be tasted in any institution that serves Chinese cuisine.

The basis of the dish is duck rubbed with honey. The skin of the bird is peeled off using the technology of forcing air under the skin. Traditionally, the meat is baked in a special oven on cherry wood for about two days.

The classic side dish is tangerine pancakes, cucumbers and green onions. All ingredients are poured with sauce. The broth left after slicing the duck is used to make Chinese cabbage soup, which is usually served after the meat.

Irish stew was first made in 1800.

The classic recipe is boiled lamb mixed with potatoes, parsley and onions. Vegetables are cut coarsely: in quarters or half. All ingredients are mixed and put on a slow fire to extinguish. Sometimes chefs experiment – they add other vegetables and herbs.

Tortilla with cod

A typical representative of Spanish dishes with potential for culinary creativity. The conquistadors first mentioned the tortilla in the 15th-16th centuries.

Eggs, onions and potatoes are a classic composition of the dish. Nevertheless, the choice of ingredients is free: it depends solely on the imagination of the cook. The dish is suitable for a full dinner or a light snack. In our restaurant you can taste tortilla with cod and leek, diversifying the taste with a glass of fragrant cider.


The taco recipe was born in the vastness of modern Mexico. The dish is a fragrant wheat/corn tortilla with filling. The name itself translates as “light snack”, “tortilla with spicy meat”, “lump” or “cork”.

Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and even Mexican cactus pulp are used as fillings. Top everything with cilantro, onion, cheese and salsa to taste. Several variations of tacos are known – they differ in fillings and methods of their preparation. Keep in mind: the dish is eaten without cutlery.


Svickova is one of the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine. It’s beef fillet with a creamy sauce. As a rule, vegetables (carrots, parsley root, celery, onions), spices, black pepper, thyme, bay leaf serve as a side dish for a steak. The fillet, along with the side dish, is marinated for 12 hours.

Svichkov is usually served with dumplings (potatoes in dough). Today, this dish is especially popular in the Czech Republic, as well as the United States, where the recipe was brought by European immigrants after the First World War.


Miniature kebabs on wooden skewers are a legacy of Greek cuisine. Traditionally, pig meat is used in cooking, less often lamb, chicken, and seafood.  Souvlaki is cooked exclusively on coals, as a result of which the dish turns out to be dry.

Souvlaki is a classic example of Greek fast food. You can order it in almost any eatery in this country. The dish goes perfectly with french fries, mustard, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, paprika and onions.

Chili crab

The most popular food from Singapore. Many travelers associate the taste of chili crab with this country. The recipe was born quite by accident: after the culinary experiments of Singaporean Sher Yam Tian.

Despite the “burning” name, king crab meat is not spicy at all. It consists of thick, like pasta, fibers. A special sauce gives the seafood the color of borscht, and a variety of spices makes it taste spicy and sweet.


A flat round cutlet, popular among the inhabitants of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. A mixture of beef and pork is grilled and served hot.

After the emigration of the inhabitants of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the dish became widely known. You can find splash on the menu of many fast food establishments in European countries. The traditional side dish is cheese with spicy sauce, french fries and bread.

Changeroom- donostiarra

A classic dish of Basque-Navarre cuisine, the author of which is known for certain. Felix Ibarguren, a chef from San Sebastian, has adapted an American style lobster recipe for Spain. You do not need to go to the Basque Country to try this culinary masterpiece, because it is on the menu of our restaurant.

Our chef uses leeks, cognac and tomato salsa to season freshly caught crab. The dish is baked in a clay oven on alder wood, after which it is served in a crab shell, which impresses even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Try the dishes from our selection – do not miss the chance to experience gastronomic pleasure!

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