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7 Best Indian foods

When we think of Indian food, we feel a surge of flavor in our mouths. In ancient times, Indian cuisine was known for its taste, rich aroma, traditional preparation and lip taste. Almost everyone is completely familiar with “Indian curry” and many other delicious Indian dishes.

Usually when you travel abroad, after a while you feel cravings for delicious Indian food and look for Indian restaurants. If you are going to Australia, you don’t have to worry about Indian food. Because there are many Indian restaurants in Australia where your taste buds can get delicious Indian delicacies like deal Mahtani, paneer tikka, dose and pav bhaji after you have eaten a lot of local food.

In Australia, you will find many Indian restaurants in abundance. Therefore, it is somehow difficult to choose or find quality or the best Indian restaurants in Australia. Here we have an exclusive list of Indian restaurants in Australia in various destinations to make your trip amazing. The best part: they all deliver food online as well.

1. Moti Mahal Restaurant

Indian restaurant Moti Mahal in Malvern, Australia – better Indian cuisine than others. It presents a wide range of Indian delicacies and dishes in an excellent authentic form. Here at Moti Mahal you will feel like you are in your home country of India as it celebrates the traditions.

culture and heritage of India with its Indian cuisine. The Indian cuisine of the restaurant includes dishes such as booty kebab, Muglia chicken and Muglia kebab Muglia, which reflect the royal power of the Mughals. The restaurant has a loyal following due to its authentic tastes and excellent hospitality. The Moti Mahal restaurant is named in the list of famous Indian restaurants in Australia.

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2. Nirankari Restaurant, Melbourne

Nirankari is a modern and authentic bar and functional restaurant in Australia (CBD in Melbourne). This provides a homely and warm environment. It offers a wide variety of authentic and traditional Indian and Nepalese dishes. The restaurant employs experienced chefs who have many years of experience in cooking Indian and Nepalese cuisine.

Here at Nirankari you will get freshly prepared meals and the best value for money. A wide range of Indian dishes includes chana-alu masala, vegetable kahau, lamb and chicken pistachio korma. Traditional cuisine contains light or hot curries with a more aromatic and slightly spicy combination. People from different places such as Armadale and Glen Iris visit the Moti Mahal.

3. Gaylord Indian Restaurant, Melbourne

For the past 28 years, Gaylord Indian has been serving the finest Indian cuisine in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.  Its menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which include Malay kofta, butter chicken, Palak paneer, kebab.

masala fish and tandoori. At lunchtime, you can get a set menu offering South and North Indian cuisine. To the taste of many people, they provide different flavors in their dishes. Gaylord Indian Restaurant delightfully blends spices, aromatic and spicy from all corners of India.

4. Safran, Sydney

Established in 1998, Safran is an elegant and unique Indian restaurant serving homemade dishes made from authentic Indian cuisine. You will feel right at home as it offers natural well balanced flavors and nutritional value in its dishes.

Safran offers delicious Indian cuisine with breathtaking views. The list of Indian specialties includes Sav papyri chat and Chow patty Pav Bhaji appetizers, while you can choose Nizam Karachi Moor, Marg Mahtani, Sushi Bhindi and Kochi Fort as a main course. Along with this, Naan, Paratha, Gulab Jamun and Farai Firangi Firing are also served in Safran.

5. Surjit Indian Restaurant, Annandale

Surjit Indian Restaurant has been serving the finest Indian cuisine for the past 28 years. It is located in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Annandale. In the restaurant, it is best to try tandoori from North India and Mughlai. The menu ranges from unique vegetarian, non-vegetarian options to a superb handcrafted Indian dessert.

Overall, they provide rich flavors, appetizers, main courses and desserts. Of all the dishes, you must try tandoori paneer, lamb Rogan josh, chicken tikka and deal Mahtani; All of these dishes are homemade. Dine on khoya kulfi for dessert at Surjit Indian Restaurant. The restaurant is not very expensive.

6 Malabar South Indian Restaurant Sydney

Malabar is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Australia. The restaurant is located in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Now South Indian food has also become known as North Indian food. And the Malabar South Indian restaurant is famous for offering an exotic and authentic taste of South Indian cuisine in Australia. Malabar offers a variety of dining options for large groups, couples, families with children, and takeaways.

South Indian specialties on their menu include Doshi’s, numerous curries (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and, of course, naan bread. They prepare all dishes with typical South Indian flavors, spices and herbs. This is the best place where you have plenty of options to satisfy your curry cravings.

7. Abhin Indian Restaurant

Abhin’s Indian Restaurant is one of the best Indian cuisine in Sydney, Australia. The menu contains too many dishes, including Madras with shrimp and vendakai, chicken tikka, tandoori mixed dish, hairtail chops, shah Sheba and Patiala goat curry are popular dishes.

They gave garlic naan, bread and roti butter. They serve Gulab jamun in sugar syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sesame waffle. Abhin’s Indian Restaurant offers genuine value for a variety of dishes.

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