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Top 7 healthiest foods in the world

Healthy food has been of interest to man since ancient times, but in the modern world this issue is particularly acute and everyone tries, in addition to everyday food, to “load” their body with useful substances as much as possible.

And it is even better to find such a “magic” capsule, where all the vitamins, minerals and other vital substances necessary for a person will be collected. And such “capsules” really appeared, only in the form of miracle berries, roots, algae, etc. These are superfoods, and they are not at all some kind of molecular food or bioadditives.

These are products of plant origin, used several centuries ago by various healers and monks, but have become popular with us only recently.

What are superfoods for?

Unlike the products that we consume daily, superfoods contain a real storehouse of vitamin and mineral composition, exceeding ordinary products by two or even more times, and unlike some supplements, they are not addictive and have no side effects. Superfoods, of course, are not a medical food, but they contribute to the normal functioning o

f the body, beneficially affecting all its organs.

Almost every region has its own superfoods, to which a person is accustomed literally at the genetic level. For example, beets, red bell peppers, red cabbage and many other vegetables and fruits that grow in our regions are also included in the “track record” of superfoods.

The “overseas” miracle food has gained immense popularity among our hostesses. Everyone has heard of such useful products as:

Goji berries, saturated with a huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, are supposedly involved in the fight against cancer, “fight” overweight, increase the overall tone of the body, control blood cholesterol levels, as well as the production of growth hormone, increase libido, sexual function and much more.

Raw cocoa beans or live cocoa. These wild-growing fruits have the most valuable beneficial properties, being a prophylactic against many diseases that are incurable by conventional medical means. “Live” cocoa beans are an indispensable product in the diet of a person of any age without restrictions, adjusted for the fact that the fruits must be really grown in tropical wild forests, and not artificially created using various chemicals.

Peruvian mica or, as it is also called, Inca herb for sex, is actually the strongest aphrodisiac for both women and men. It is possible to meet this super root crop in the highlands, growing at an altitude of more than 3 thousand meters above sea level, fanned by the purest rarefied air.

Quinoa is another overseas guest (by the way, not very expensive) on our shelves, simply “stuffed” with nutrients: it contains a huge amount of protein, amino acids, fiber, phosphorus and iron (significantly more than in wheat) and other elements including a wide range of vitamins. It also contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, but there is no gluten.

Amaranth is a plant that is gaining popularity among adherents of a healthy diet and among vegetarians. And all because amaranth is a rich source of vegetable protein, and also has a unique combination of a huge range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, especially lysine acid, which fights a large number of different viruses, including herpes.

Acai berries are a real elixir of youth, which was discovered in the Amazon forests just a couple of decades ago, and these berries were immediately recognized as a source of youth and longevity, and all because the natives who eat these fruits live at least 100 years. Having studied this miracle berry more carefully, a truly unique composition was discovered, not similar to any of the plant species. It contains more than 3 thousand useful substances, so the health “boom” in honor of this berry is fully justified.

Coconut water is an overseas drink that is a source of “supply” of calcium, magnesium and potassium to the body. Moreover, unlike coconut milk, it has a lower fat content, so the use of such a drink is very useful, especially to compensate for energy loss during physical exertion.

Various superfoods are delicious not only on their own, but also as an addition to various dishes, which gives them a more exotic touch. Such recipes not only deliver taste pleasures, but are indispensable in a healthy human diet, and we will share recipes with the “participation” of superfoods with you in the future.

Outside the window is already 2020, the 21st century is in full swing, and many supporters of a healthy diet are wondering what foods are the best to eat, many have heard that vegetables and fruits are the main thing. However, not everyone knows which fruits of our Earth are more beneficial than others for the human body.

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