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Lunch options with proper nutrition are simple, tasty and inexpensive!

In the modern world, proper nutrition has become a very strong part of people’s everyday lives; a healthy lifestyle (HLS) has “absorbed” almost everyone. Nowadays, when there is so much fast food and stress around, a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, is not a newfangled fad, but a specific need to adjust your diet.

People often mistakenly believe that it is impossible to eat healthy for their body, since they spend 90% of their time in the office. In this article we will tell you that nothing is impossible on the path to switching to a healthy lifestyle, and we will provide quite reasonable lunch options with proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition: general recommendations

But you shouldn’t think that proper nutrition (PN) is a strict restriction on foods when eating. This is not a diet where you ruin your body by cutting calories. There is always a choice of suitable lunch options for losing weight for a week.

With PN, you will eat varied and balanced foods 4-5 times a day in a certain amount. If you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle, choosing a lunch option if you eat properly will not pose any problems.

You should include in your diet:

Cereals in the form of cereals and porridge.
Products of animal origin: chicken eggs, poultry, rabbit, pork, beef, lamb, milk and dairy products, fish and other seafood More fruits and berries.
Products of plant origin with a high content of oily fats: nuts, seeds, vegetable oils (olive, flaxseed, etc.).

Therefore, if for some reason you do not eat meat, then you need to replace it in your diet, for example, with dairy products, since there are now a lot of options for lunch with proper nutrition.

It is important to rule out protein deficiency. Include legumes or broccoli in your lunch options when eating healthy.

We have sorted out the list of products necessary for proper nutrition. Now you must learn to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle and diversify your lunch options while eating properly to lose weight at work. Namely:

You should eat frequently, 5-6 times a day, without overloading your body. During the day, you should have three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, the rest are snacks in between. The snack should be light and not burden your stomach. Its essence is to satisfy the urge of hunger for a short time and hold out until the next meal without breakdown.

It is not recommended to eat fried food, and especially with a large amount of oil. It is better to boil, stew or fry food in a dry frying pan with a minimum amount of oil.
When choosing lunch when eating properly at work, your diet must necessarily consist of the group of products listed above. Let it be a small amount, but don’t forget to include them in your daily menu.

You should drink enough fluid for your body throughout the day. Coffee, tea, juice are drinks. This must be taken into account when choosing lunch options with proper nutrition. Calculation of the required daily fluid intake: minimum 30 mg per 1 kg of weight. If you engage in intense physical activity or the weather is hot outside, then the amount of water you drink per day needs to be increased.

These are the principles for maintaining proper nutrition, not so scary, right? It’s a matter of habit. After all, there is now such a diverse choice of lunch options when eating healthy at work.

Why lunch is so important

You can argue with the saying that says: “Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to your enemy.” This phrase is at odds with a healthy lifestyle and has nothing to do with proper nutrition. Lunch is necessary for our body, because it is one of the main meals.

Those who believe that a missed daytime meal can be postponed until the evening are extremely mistaken. Especially now, when there is always an alternative to lunch options when eating properly at work.

It is at lunchtime, from 12 to 15 o’clock, that food microelements are actively broken down and the body’s metabolic processes are launched. During this meal, you should consume more than half of your daily calorie intake, since most of it is spent on energy-consuming processes throughout the day.

If you choose the right lunch options with proper nutrition, you will stop eating “in reserve” and will feel cheerful. Skipping daily meals causes your body to “store” fat. The body does not receive enough food during the day, and in the evening an excessive desire to eat “wakes up” in you. This is fraught with overeating at night, and, as a result, poor sleep and heaviness in the stomach.

But there are advantages to eating during the day The body perceives large gaps between meals as food hunger and begins to store fat. Moreover, you can gain weight even from an ordinary leaf of lettuce.

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