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healthy lunches for children

Healthy eating is available to everyone. However, sometimes it can be a little more difficult to get kids to eat. You must learn to strike a balance between the foods your children choose to eat and what they need to eat to be healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to know various healthy lunches for children that they can easily eat.

In this article, we are going to suggest some of the best healthy lunch recipes for kids and how important it is for them to eat well for their development.

The importance of healthy eating for children

First, healthy eating is important because nutritious foods help children grow and stay strong. If children eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they can get the vitamins and minerals they need to build strong bones and a healthy immune system. Additionally, eating healthy foods can also help children maintain a good and stable weight.

If children eat a nutritious breakfast, they will have more energy and be able to focus on their activities. In addition, by eating well, they will have fewer health problems that prevent them from attending school.

Finally, healthy eating can also help children feel good, have more energy and be less tired. A young person with better health and physique is likely to have good self-esteem.

healthy lunches for children

Lunch is a very important meal in a child’s diet. They need to recover from school. The hustle and bustle of school and modern life are often tiring for children, so midday meals are essential to provide energy and nutrition to our sons and daughters.

sandwiches and snacks

Snacks are great for making a quick, energizing, and healthy school lunch. Kids can easily carry them in their backpack, and most of the time, they gobble them up in just a few bites, giving them a few extra minutes of enjoyment during a much-needed break. It is recommended to use whole grain bread or bread with high seed content, which provides more energy and nutrients. Avoid sweet breads. Some rich combinations could be:

You can also pair the sandwich with a healthy burger. All you have to do is cook the burger yourself, using chicken breast and seasoning with spices.

Smoothies made from fruits and grains

Smoothies with seasonal fruits and grains are a nutritious lunch or snack you can take to school. The options are endless. You can also add chopped nuts, they provide a lot of energy and have countless health benefits. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you want to sweeten the smoothie, mash one or two dates with other ingredients. You can combine drinks of plant origin with animal milk. Some examples:

healthy baking

One of the main mistakes made when preparing children’s lunches is the use of industrial baked goods: donuts, bollicao and other processed cakes are very harmful to our children and often contribute to the increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes at a higher rate.

If you’re not used to making homemade baked goods, you’ll be surprised how healthy they can be with the right recipe. Cupcakes, muffins, tarts, cookies…it’s easy to make healthy snacks and give your baby everything he needs in his daily routine. Here’s the muffin recipe:

As always, when we cook our recipe in the oven, we will preheat it to 180ºC, prepare a muffin tin with about 10 holes, we will use non-stick capsules, or if we don’t have any, we will paint them with oil.

Next, put the peeled bananas in a container, crush them with a fork, add eggs, vanilla, lemon or orange zest and cinnamon and mix all the ingredients well until they are completely combined into a homogeneous mass.

Then add oat flour, oat flakes, chickpea flour, yeast and salt. We should probably change the texture a little because if it’s too dry, a splash of plant drink or milk will do.

Mix lightly until there are no dry lumps left, then add raisins to taste, mix again so that they are evenly distributed throughout the dough, then transfer to the molds without filling them completely. If we want some chia or sesame seeds, we can cover them to give them a crunchy touch.

Bake the muffins for about 20-22 minutes until they come out clean when pierced with a toothpick. Remove from the oven briefly, remove from the pan and let cool completely on a wire rack. They can be individually wrapped and frozen.

Final Tips for Healthy Lunch for Kids

Combining a variety of foods, including fresh vegetables, dairy, and carbohydrates will always work. If you usually add a juice pack to your drink, buy juices without added sugar or sweeteners. Many brands mislead consumers by advertising “no sugar added” juices that are made with harmful artificial sweeteners. Avoid those labeled “light” because they have little light.

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