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Creamy Tagliatelle with Tarragon Chicken Meatballs, Leek & Courgette Turns out…

Creamy Tagliatelle with Tarragon Chicken Meatballs, Leek & Courgette ?

Turns out you guys love a tarragon chicken dish as much as me! Thanks for the meatball love! I thought it best to promptly -up with the full pasta recipe that I used them in (after quite a few requests ?)!

This is one of those pasta sauce recipes that cooks in as long as it takes to boil a bag of pasta – or in this case tagliatelle – so get your pasta on and whip up this delicious sauce…

? Creamy Leek & Courgette Pasta Sauce (serves 2 people generously with leftovers):

1 large leek, washed + cut into rounds
1 large courgette, washed + cut into quarters
1-2 garlic cloves, grated
Splash of olive oil to cook

? whilst your pasta is cooking lightly fry the above to soften, not adding too much colour (2-3 mins). Then add:

1/3 chicken stock melt (you really don’t need much of this)
50ml water
2-3tbsp double cream (depending on how decadent you’re feeling ?)

? bring to a low boil, mixing to melt the stock. Turn the heat down and add:

20 mini tarragon chicken meatballs (See previous post for recipe – I cook them first then set aside to add to the dish at this stage)

? once the meatballs are warmed through add your cooked and drained pasta and approx 50ml of pasta cooking water to loosen everything. Combine well adding:

Salt & pepper to taste
Good squeeze lemon juice

? plate up and serve with a little fresh tarragon over the top. I actually don’t like any parmesan on this one, but go for it if you do!

Kitchen note: this sauce is also yummy without the meatballs (although I’d totally recommend making them – so easy!), and swap out the stock melt for a veggie-friendly one if you want a meat-free version.

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