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And although the gastronomic choice of neighboring countries is similar in many respects, India has its own distinctive cuisine features, which we will discuss in this article. It is generally accepted that Indian cuisine gravitates towards spices, hot spices, flavor combinations that are unusual for us, and this is true. But if you like to try new things and are not afraid of experiments, then we will find something to surprise you with.


In addition to the standard set of spices, consisting of dried and ground chili, garlic, ginger and allspice, the following ingredients traditionally associated with Indian cuisine are very often added to Indian dishes: Mustard seeds. Their natural sharpness softens when roasted, and they acquire a nutty flavor. An indispensable seasoning in Indian cuisine.

Fennel. Fennel seeds have a more pronounced anise-like flavor than bulbs, and this seasoning pairs particularly well with pork. Caraway.  Cinnamon. The twisted bark of a tree native to Sri Lanka – cinnamon goes well with sugar, as we know from Russian experience. Cinnamon is also often used in savory meat dishes such as Moroccan tagines. Coriander. Its dried seeds have a sweet aromatic taste that has nothing to do with the stem of the plant.

Pairs well with cumin in homemade sandwiches, and also in the sauce used to cook fish.  This seasoning gives the curry its characteristic color and earthy mustard flavor. Fenugreek.

Chili. Usually used in dried form, it can be ground or whole. Garam masala. Known as garam masala, this blend of several spices suits local preferences and tastes well, as its composition varies slightly depending on which region of India you are in. Ghee. Many Indian recipes use ghee, the Indian version of ghee.

This means that dishes popular in India will most likely not leave indifferent even the most selective gourmets that can be found in the Russian expanses. Indian restaurants around the world most often offer their guests the following national dishes to try.

This Indian dish is considered one of the main recipes that anyone who wants to get to know Indian cuisine should try. The very composition of the products used in the dish quite often varies depending on the locality – sometimes aloo Gobi is served with tomato sauce, as well as with fresh chili sauce, which gives the Indian dish a special peak.

antiquity and reflects the local flavor. At its core, aloo Gobi consists of potatoes and cauliflower florets fried in spiced oil. Here are a few tips for preparing aloo Gobi: it is recommended to use more spices in the dish, since it does not contain meat – be sure to add turmeric, cumin.

coriander and cayenne pepper; use russet potatoes as they have more starch than other varieties; leave the skin on the potatoes, which will give the dish a special texture; vegetables are recommended to be cut into cubes of the same size so that all the ingredients are cooked at the same time.


Chana masala is chickpeas stewed in a spicy sauce, a Punjabi Indian dish. Chana masala means “chickpeas in a mixture of spices”. Its signature spicy flavor comes from coriander, amchur powder, which is a spicy dried green mango powder, and a combination of fresh and ground chili peppers. Thanks to chickpeas, the dish is rich in protein, so it will be quite colorful.

A spicy tomato sauce with a blend of spices called garam masala leaves a pleasant impression This is another dish of Indian cuisine, without which it is impossible to imagine this country. The dish is most often served alongside basmati rice and pure or bravura flatbreads.

Garam masala spice traditionally includes cinnamon, black and green cardamom, ground coriander, mace (a relative of nutmeg), black pepper, cumin seeds and bay leaf. All these spices are roasted and ground together, and the proportions of the ingredients differ from the preferences of a particular region of India.


Palak paneer is a vegetarian curry from North India, also native to the Punjab region. The dish consists of mashed spinach (“Palak” means “spinach” in Hindi) and fresh cheese with a fragrant spice mix including ginger, garlic and garam masala – a set of spices whose composition you already know.  It is customary in Indian culture to serve several meals for lunch and dinner.

even on a normal, unremarkable day. So, many wives try to cook and put in the container that their husbands take with them to work, as many different hearty traditional dishes as possible. For this, special thermos containers with a large number of compartments are used, which are widespread in India. The portions themselves may be small, but the more of these dishes, the stronger the wife’s love for her lover.

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