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On New Year’s Eve, it is quite difficult to resist gastronomic temptations. And yet, doctors advise to know when to stop in everything, and most importantly, to correctly combine the foods and drinks used.

We eat like people
The basis of the New Year’s table is most often salads. Try to avoid mayonnaise as a dressing. As a last resort, it can be low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil. Ideally season the salad with olive oil and lemon juice or, even better, natural yogurt. Since fairly dense hot dishes are always planned for the festive table, do not add boiled eggs to cold snacks. The liver will thank you.

It is better to start a festive meal with fresh vegetable salads. They fill the digestive system with vitamins, enzymes and prepare a decent intake of heavier meals. When relying on vegetable dishes, do not forget that cabbage, beans and mushrooms are quite difficult to digest. As a result, from the abundance of fiber, the stomach will swell and the unpleasant feeling of heaviness will not allow you to break away from the chair throughout the evening.
Our favorite snack is smoked sausage. But we must not forget that this product is the leader in fat content. Therefore, it will be nice if on New Year’s Eve he gives up the palm to lighter fish or boiled pork.

At a plentiful table, it is important to choose the right tactics.  The more varied the assortment of foods that have entered the digestive system, the harder it is for it to select the appropriate enzymes for digestion. Do not start your meal with fatty foods, as fats inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, slowing down the process of digestion. For the first half hour of the meal, eat as slowly as possible, even if you come to visit hungry as a wolf.

Be prepared for the fact that after salads you will have to overcome another hot dish, which means that it is simply unreasonable to fill your stomach with snacks by more than one third.
It is better to serve greens instead of boiled potatoes for a hot meat dish: it stimulates the work of the digestive glands and improves the digestion of protein products. If you are a guest and there is an opportunity not to get under the gaze of a hospitable hostess, stop at one thing – either a hot meat (or fish) dish, or a side dish. You can leave some fresh salad and put a piece of meat next to it. Such products will not be at enmity, being near in the stomach.

At a party, if the entire list of dishes has not been announced to you, an unexpected situation may occur – you have already eaten hot, and new dishes are being brought to the table.  A small miracle will happen: a certain amount of eaten will go towards the intestines, and the stomach will have a “second wind”.
It is advisable that your late dinner, smoothly turning into an early breakfast, is interrupted by frequent pauses, which are better filled with dancing and active conversations.  At the same time, try to keep your posture – this posture will create the most favorable conditions for digesting food.

Nearly all sour and fermented foods help the digestive process, and the French habit of ending a hearty meal with a slice of cheese is scientifically based. You can replace cheese with diluted lemon juice. It will really get easier. Some exotic fruits such as pineapple and papaya have the same effect. No wonder the actress Sophia Loren always eats a large meal with a piece of pineapple.
When drinking alcoholic beverages, alcoholic intoxication will be stronger from mixing different types of them than from large doses of one.

Always observe the rule of “increasing the degree” and try not to switch to a sinusoid – for example, beer, cognac, vodka, and then wine. After such geometry, tomorrow will most likely pass “on a plane”, and with a terrible headache.
Champagne plus vodka is almost a Molotov cocktail in its destructive power. But in the “a little champagne plus vodka” sequence, things might not end so badly. It is much worse if beer is consumed with vodka. This mixture knocks off your feet in any version.

If the conditions allow you to deviate from tradition, it is better not to drink champagne at all, especially when you have plans to continue the evening with vodka or cognac. It is champagne that enhances the effect of any alcohol several times, moreover, it adds ballast substances to the body, from which one harm.
Be careful with all kinds of cocktails – they are most often drunk through a straw, involuntarily holding them in the mouth a little. A powerful absorption of alcohol begins in the mouth, where many blood vessels pass, which means that even an innocent “daiquiri” can create the effect of a full shot of vodka. And of course, you cannot drink sweet carbonated drinks with alcohol (which are quite harmful even without alcohol).

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