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14 exotic foods you should try at least once in your life

There are so many unusual and original foods in the world that a lifetime is not enough to try them all. However, it’s definitely worth trying. Here are 18 delicious foods you should try first.

1. Abkhazian lemons

This is a Meyer lemon. It is a hybrid of mandarin, citron and pomelo. It was originally bred in China, but later became more widespread. But it reached its peak in terms of taste in sunny Abkhazia, and is now considered a reference.

This one differs from ordinary lemons in a sweetish-bitter aftertaste and a thin, very fragrant peel. To understand that it is a Meyer lemon in front of you, you need to scratch the skin a little with your fingernail and smell the fruit. If a strong pleasant smell is heard, then you have the same fruit in front of you – enjoy it.

2. Alvar

This is a traditional treat of Balkan cuisine. If we compare it in appearance and consistency with the products we are used to, then most of all it resembles squash caviar.

Only made from sweet and hot peppers. Several varieties are taken at once, all this is grilled and mixed into a pasty state. And if you add a little tomato and eggplant to the peppers, you get a new dish – penury.

The delicacy originated in the southwest of South Africa and is considered the national dish of the Khoisan, Hottentot and other peoples. This product has a unique original taste and aroma.

3. Dried goose

This culinary miracle is a traditional dish of Tatars, Bashkirs and other peoples of the Volga region. At least it was very popular in the old days. A whole ghoul was then stabbed, plucked, heavily salted and left to dry. Moreover, it was believed that the longer the goose dried, the tastier it would be. Now you can find a product of a one-year-old, at that one and a half-year-old “exposure”. The taste of such meat is tender, soft and quite fatty.

4. Gorgonzola dolce

This is perhaps the best Italian blue cheese. Dolce means the cheese is young. It has such a delicate, spicy-sweet taste that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with it. And to get the most out of this product, make toasts, put pears fried in oil on them, pour syrup and sprinkle with walnuts, and top with gorgonzola.

5. Guanciale

These are salted or dried pork cheeks.  By the way, they look very similar, only in guanciale there is exactly the same amount of meat as fat. And it is this product that is used in the classic carbonara pasta recipe.

6. Durian

Yes, this is the same insanely smelly Asian fruit that you can try, for example, while on vacation in Thailand. It acquires its specific unpleasant odor due to contact with oxygen. Therefore, you need to eat it immediately. If done right, you will simply be amazed at this creamy and creamy taste. As if the custard grew right on the tree.

7. Ezhemalina

As you might guess from the name, this is a hybrid of blackberries and raspberries. The berry has absorbed all the best from both progenitors – a bright, rich taste, unique aroma, juiciness and, most importantly, a sea of ​​​​vitamins.

8. Beluga albino caviar

This is the most expensive black caviar in existence. In fact, it is not black at all in color – usually grayish, golden or even white. Many argue about its taste. Some believe that it has a completely unique and inimitable aftertaste.  But this caviar looks just fantastic.

9. Kizzy

This is the name of dried horse sausage. This is perhaps the most unusual meat delicacy from the Volga region to Central Asia. The sausage is made using many spices, which, combined with the natural taste of horse meat, gives a simply unique taste. True, many do not like the characteristic smell, but you quickly get used to it.

10. Cale Nampak

This is Himalayan salt, mined in the Indian part. This salt has a dark red color and a specific aroma – like rotten eggs. Kala Nampak is considered not only very healthy, but also tasty – when cooked, it gives a unique flavor.

11. Jampot pepper

In appearance, these are the most ordinary peas of black pepper. But if you taste them, you get the feeling that it is ten times stronger and richer than the usual one. But not sharper, but more saturated. By the way, such a miracle pepper grows in Jampot, a province of Cambodia.

12. Kamet

This cereal is a distant relative of wheat. And in terms of the content of useful substances, this product overtakes not only wheat, but also spelled and spelled. Now this cereal is becoming fashionable as an eco-product, so soon it can be found in any stores.

13. Caprine

This is a hard cheese made from goat’s milk. Its closest relatives are grana Padano (it includes, for example, parmesan) from cow’s milk and pecorino from sheep’s milk. But it was in Caprine that all the delicate milky taste and aroma was embodied. Therefore, among these three varieties, it is considered the most successful.

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