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Balanced nutrition services delivered to your home or office are a real lifesaver for those who value their time and want to “switch” to healthy tasty food. And now they have become a real salvation during the quarantine. Today, the team of the most fashionable magazine Magazine has prepared for you an overview of the best nutrition delivery services that will definitely help you meet the summer “fully armed”!


The largest nutritional delivery service, founded in 2015 by Daniel Gulper and Pavel Askar. In 5 years, the project from a small startup has turned into the largest food delivery, which for 2020 carries out about 120 thousand deliveries per month, and the production of portions is equal to 1 million. GrowFood offers 4 programs in which breakfast is free and discount on first order. The service offers a menu designer, where you can create your own diet for each program from the items you like. All food is placed in sealed containers that can be easily transported and taken with you to work and heated in the microwave. In addition, GF now provides an online workout promo code for free with every order – eat and lose weight with GrowFood.

Fresh Lab

How to create the perfect food delivery service? Order from other companies, discovering flaws, so as not to repeat them in your own. This was the case with Fresh Lab, which initially ran a project called Gym Meal, whose target audience were athletes. The company is very attentive to the nutritional value of dishes, calorie content and competent production technology. The team consists of professional nutritionists who have prepared 8 programs for different occasions. A trial day of any program costs only 900 rubles, and with each order bonus points are accumulated, which can be exchanged for additional options from the menu.

Kitchen in the area

In 2017, 3 heads of Rocket bank Alexey Kolesnikov, Kirill Rodin and Oleg Kozyrev, having gorged on sushi and pizzas, decided that it would be nice to indulge themselves with hot homemade food for lunch and created a project with the literal name “Kitchen in the District”. According to their needs, they have created the perfect delivery service: simple homemade food with a large pool of choices, and delivery is carried out in 30 minutes, as the courier “rushes to you” right from the kitchen. The first delivery point was just at Mendeleev kaya and the workers’ office fell into this zone. Colleagues supported the project and made an order directly to the office, so “Kitchen in the District” acquired its first fans. A little later, Anton Losing joined the project, who was engaged in the purchase of products and the selection of chefs. Now the team is actively promoting its smart application with calorie counting and even a weekly budget, and a bonus to the order is an orange juice or smoothie.


In addition to the usual rations, you want to pamper yourself with delicious desserts, for example, cheesecake or napoleon, even at night with a TV show, while not getting out of the calorie norm. Everyone wants something sweet. And Marina, the founder of the company, knows this better than anyone, because in her childhood she was deprived of sweets because of her diabetic father.

He served as an inspiration for her to create healthy and delicious stevia-based desserts that would be no worse than the original ones. All desserts are sugar-free, low-GI (meaning there won’t be a spike in blood sugar that causes hunger), low-calorie, natural and oil-free. For 10 or more desserts, delivery is free, so it is definitely worth pampering yourself.

Mama Choli

A young service that has already managed to prove itself and earn a positive assessment and support from Yandex Delivery. The service offers 3 programs, and the variety of dishes allows you to order food for 30 days without repeating positions! In addition to the main menu, Mama Choli offers to try her low-calorie desserts and pastries, which can be purchased as a bonus to the order. There is a 15% discount on the first order, and the daily ration includes as many as 5 different dishes. On the Instagram blog, the service always posts something interesting on the topic of healthy eating, as well as all the latest news and promotions.

Just for You

One of the very first services for the preparation and delivery of food for proper nutrition, which was created back in 2006 by restaurateur Arcady Novikov together with nutritionist Irina Pochitaeva. There are 11 nutrition programs to choose from – from balanced to children’s menus and keto diets, which in turn are divided into sets. An individual menu is developed by a specialist and takes into account not only the calorie content of dishes, but also distributes BJU between meals during the day to achieve a greater effect. The main course set is complemented by a green tea set and a bottle of mineral water. The service “Just for You” has been used by the stars of the domestic show business for many years, including Andrey Malachi, Tina Candelaria, Anisa Chekhov, Allah Dokhona and others.

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