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“We export what we eat”

Turkey is a real citrus paradise, and Russians are known to be big fans of sunny fruits. Turkish citrus fruits are always delivered to the Russian markets fresh and fragrant. “We export what we eat,” says Ali Kawaka, president of the Union of Exporters of Mediterranean Vegetables and Fruits.

Turkey is not only sea and sunny beaches, but also citrus fruits, known all over the world.  Russian quality standards are high, and this also applies to citrus fruits. That is why Russians prefer Turkish fruits.

Turkey takes into account the high standards of Russians, and citrus fruits imported from Turkey are always fresh. The size, weight and color of each fruit meet the highest demands of the Russian buyer.

The smell and aroma of Turkish citrus fruits remind Russians of the Turkish seaside, and the warm, sunny colors remind Russians of the bright Mediterranean summer. That is why Turkish citrus fruits are the hits of the winter-spring season in Russia.

Ali Kawaka, President of the Union of Exporters of Mediterranean Vegetables and Fruits and a member of the industry council of the Association of Exporters of Turkey, explains the love of Russians for Turkish citrus fruits: “60% of all citrus fruits grown in Turkey, we eat ourselves. The remaining 40% is exported. We offer our partners only the best products – those that we consume ourselves. ”

“We know the tastes and preferences of Russians very well”

“I want to emphasize: when exporting Turkish fruits, we apply the highest quality standards regardless of whether our citrus is sent to Russia, Germany or Serbia. Our standards ensure that all products are healthy, tasty and fresh. Turkey’s main export principle is to sell what we would like to see on our tables.

”says Mr. Kawaka. He also noted that Russia and Turkey have much in common both culturally and socially, and the supply of Turkish citrus fruits to Russia is one of the vivid examples of effective cooperation between the two countries.

“We know each other well, which means we are working effectively to establish the standards preferred by Russian consumers,” said Mr. Kawaka, adding that thanks to strong communication networks in Russia, Turkish citrus producers can accurately determine the preferences of Russians.

“Thanks to our communication network in Russia, we learn about consumer preferences in terms of weight, size, color, and export the corresponding products. For example, we know that sweeter varieties of citrus fruits are popular in Russia, and it is these varieties that we bring. In addition, we do not just bring tangerines.

oranges, lemons and grapefruits to Russia, but we also give everyone memories of the past holidays in Turkey, a holiday atmosphere, a summer aroma. Each fruit contains a piece of the sunny coast of Turkey, where Russians love to rest so much. ”

Turkey is a citrus paradise

“Starting next year, we will be harvesting citrus fruits from September to May,” said Mr. Kawaka. “Turkey is a real citrus paradise. We work extremely efficiently and, as soon as an order comes in, we form a batch and collect fresh tangerines, oranges, lemons and grapefruits. Our packaging shops are located in close proximity to citrus orchards, so citrus fruits are sent abroad without losing their freshness. ”

Mediterranean sun

“The best advertisement for our citrus fruits is their taste and freshness,” said Ali Kwak. “We know that Russians care about healthy eating and prefer natural and high-quality products. Turkish citrus fruits meet all the criteria for a healthy diet. Our citrus fruits are grown in the provinces of Antalya, Antakya, Mersin and Adana, that is, on the Mediterranean coast, which is well known to Russians. Having visited our country.

they can see with their own eyes the conditions in which fruits are grown. Turkish citrus fruits are natural fruits and contain no additives that could be harmful to human health. Of course, we are very lucky: nature itself has given Turkey an ideal microclimate for growing citrus fruits, and the fruits grown here are juicy, fragrant and large. ”

According to Ali Kawaka, Turks love citrus fruits just as much as Russians: “First of all, the Turkish people love to consume healthy and tasty fruits, just like in Russia. Citrus fruits are the most common dessert in Turkey. A variety of varieties of oranges and tangerines are regulars at family feasts.

as well as permanent companions of office workers and schoolchildren. In addition, fresh citrus juices and fresh lemonade are extremely popular in Turkey. Citrus fruits are widely used in cooking. Oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, for example, add a unique flavor to Turkish pastries. Salads, herbs, fresh grilled fish, rich soups – all this is unthinkable in Turkey without a slice of fresh lemon. ”

The best citrus fruits: we eat and we export

Turkey harvests 5 million tons of citrus fruits annually, and 60% of them are supplied to Turkish markets.  Of course, our largest export market is Russia. Every year, a third of the total export of Turkish citrus fruits goes to Russia, ”said Mr. Kawaka.

The citrus harvesting season in Turkey starts in September and ends in May. However, active development of new varieties of tangerines and oranges is underway, which will make the harvest year-round. According to Ali Kawaka, the price of Turkish citrus fruits is determined by the yield: “If the year was not the most fruitful.

then, naturally, the prices for citrus are growing. If this year there are no major changes in the exchange rate, then prices will remain stable. We generally oppose sharp price fluctuations. In terms of quality, our exporters know that Russian regulatory authorities closely monitor imported goods and therefore choose only the best products. ”

Turkish Citrus won the prestigious award

In 2017, the Turkish Citrus brand was awarded one of the most prestigious awards of the Union of Russian Publishers – the Gold Print Awards. Ali Kawaka proudly reports: “We really deserve this prize. Because we do our job with love. We have been organizing communication campaigns that have been going on for many years to educate Russians about the benefits of Turkish citrus fruits.

We appeal to our readers by publishing our materials in the largest Russian media, on television, in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. Our publications were highly appreciated by both viewers and readers, and the jury of the award. We are very grateful to everyone. I hope that we will have more than one chance to receive this award. “

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