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The 7 Best Russian Restaurants foods


The two-story restaurant of Russian cuisine of the restaurant holding Maison Delos is located on the Tara’s Shevchenko embankment. The first thing you notice is a very original interior – modern fashion trends are combined with antique elements, industrial motifs and large panoramic windows overlooking the Moscow River. Vladislav Piskunov, a chef, author of cookbooks, TV presenter.

and also a person with encyclopedic knowledge about the history of Russia, its traditions and way of life, is in command of the restaurant kitchen. The basis of the menu is the cuisine of the late 19th century in the author’s presentation of the chef. Here you can try such interesting dishes as vinaigrette from root vegetables baked in a wood-fired oven with salted Ural mushrooms (590 rubles).

Salaam cabbage soup with porcini mushrooms and sauerkraut (550 rubles), Moscow fish soup from starlet and salmon with pie (950 rubles), dumplings Siberian pancakes with three types of meat (690 rubles), pancakes with king crab (1790 rubles), fire cutlet with mashed cauliflower and poached egg (1100 rubles). The cuisine and atmosphere of “Matryoshka” was to the taste of the Moscow public – what year the restaurant is included in the top of the most successful according to Forbes and is noted in all gastronomic guides around the capital.


On the ground floor of the Azimuth Hotel on Smolinsky Square opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is a restaurant #SibirSibir – one of the main tourist points of Moscow. Going to this restaurant can be safely equated with a gastronomic journey, because here you can taste unique delicacies from faraway corners of Russia: river and sea fish, game, taiga wild plants and much more. Chef Evgeni Kuznetsova turns these products into amazing dishes like pickled turnips with peppermint sprouts (580 rubles).

pie with omul and mukluk (240 rubles), whites with duck (380 rubles), eggplant pate with onion caviar and buckwheat bread (540 rubles), “Mimosa” from omul with soaked blackcurrant (680 rubles), whitefish under a fur coat (580 rubles), duck breast with apple donuts (960 rubles), Altai-style venison stroganoff (940 rubles) and much more .

Starting with a figure of a white bear made of cedar milk (680 rubles) and pavlova with persimmon (480 rubles), ending with a rye honey cake with sea buckthorn sorbet (540 rubles) and ice cranberries with pine nuts and condensed milk (340 rubles). As for the interior, it is no less impressive in #SiberiaSiberia than food – the open kitchen located in the center is decorated with stylized Soviet mosaics, the walls of the main hall are lined with glass as if melted bricks, the ceiling is decorated with carved rustic shutters, and 10 thousand canteens hang above the bar like the scales of a huge fish spoons … In general, an amazing place that is worth seeing with your own eyes.

“Merchants and Oysters”

The recently opened restaurant of Russian cuisine settled in the Zamoskvoretsky estate of the middle of the 19th century, which once belonged to the family of merchants and patrons of the Rogatkin-Ezhikovs. The interior is appropriate: antique chandeliers, antique mirrors, bronze trays, a gramophone and other trophies of the merchant era, and the windows offer a picturesque view of one of the oldest churches in Moscow.

The restaurant’s menu includes iconic dishes of Russian-French cuisine in the author’s interpretation of chef Konstantin Gush chin. Here you should order pikeperch and langoustine aspic with caviar sauce (520 rubles), Olivier with quail, red caviar and truffle (720 rubles), daily cabbage soup with duck confit (320 rubles), fish skewers of sturgeon, halibut, pikeperch and red caviar (1350 rubles), beef slogan with porcini mushrooms and potato croquette (790 rubles).

And of course, you should go here for oysters – there are 6 types on the menu at a price of 120 rubles. If you want something special, there is oyster tartare with artichokes (740 rubles), risotto with oysters and porcini mushrooms (820 rubles) and baked oysters with parmesan (240 rubles) and hollandaise sauce (240 rubles).

And in “Merchants and Oysters” they serve breakfast all day long. In addition to the usual morning dishes, there are three complex options: merchant breakfast with Yorkshire pudding, salmon and avocado (720 rubles), Russian with pancakes and red caviar (720 rubles) and French breakfast with poached egg and croissant (650 rubles). A nice bonus is that the restaurant has its own parking.


The Moscow restaurant of Russian cuisine with the most impressive view is located on the 85th floor of the Ouko skyscraper in Moscow City. This place is worth visiting for many reasons. In addition to the breathtaking panorama of the whole of Moscow, there is something to see and try here. To start with, Ruska has the world’s highest ice-bar with ice sculptures and a constant temperature of -15 degrees: guests can dress up in fur coats and drink vodka.

eating beluga caviar, behind an ice rack. In the center of the main hall, in the open kitchen, there is a real wood-burning Russian stove. Bread is baked in it, baked milk is made, soups and cereals are prepared. Dishes in the restaurant are traditional Russian, but in the author’s performance of chef Alexander Volkow-Medvedev. From the obligatory program – Olivier from baked roots with king crab and caviar (1130 rubles).

tulka on potato pancakes (470 rubles), dumplings with pike perch and red caviar (830 rubles), Salaam cabbage soup with porcini mushrooms according to a 1000-year-old monastery recipe (470 rubles) and a variety of pies from the oven – pie with two varieties of fish (90 rubles), rye sauce with onions (70 rubles), pickle with beef (90 rubles) and others. The hit of the menu is a large pot of borscht from the oven with pampushka and lard, which is sold at Ruska at a cost price of only 90 rubles!

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