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Turkish cuisine: tasty dishes not to be missed

Many Turkish recipes are related to flour dishes and the preparation of sweets. The use of tea and coffee has its own characteristics.

Turkish national dishes vary by region. The cuisine of Turkey in the West and along the Aegean coast has retained the influence of the Ottoman and Greek traditions. Here.

rice is preferred over bulgur, less spices are added, and seafood is often cooked. The dishes of the Black Sea coast are reminiscent of Balkan and slightly Slavic food, but without the use of pork.

We have prepared our list of 11 Turkish dishes that will help you fall in love with the local cuisine and get to know this country better.


The oldest Turkish dish, reminiscent of cheburek. This is a cake made of the thinnest dough with the same thin layer of meat, cheese, potato or bean filling. The name “gozleme” comes from the Turkish word for “eye” because of the appearance of the cake.

Gozleme not only smells amazing and tastes good, but they are also prepared in an unusual way. The cook bakes these cakes on a special convex surface called “sadch” or “sach”.


This soup with lamb, rice and vegetables comes from Gaziantep, a region famous for its gastronomy. His recipe is at least 500 years old. Beiran chobrasy must be on a thick hearty broth with garlic and many spices. It is believed that the soup cures colds and strengthens the immune system.


The national version of okroshka, light and refreshing jajik, is made from sour milk, cucumbers and greens. Various fermented milk products can be used as a base, sometimes a crumb of ice is added to them. Jajik is served as an accompaniment to main courses. In addition to dill, parsley and green onions, mint leaves are sometimes added to it.


Kebab is fried meat. Also fish, seafood and vegetables. Kebab combines a whole family of dishes based on fried meat or minced meat.  Definitely worth trying adana kebab, iskander kebab, shish kebab, eggplant kebab. The best kebab place in Turkey is Gaziantep.

Turkish breakfast

Turkish breakfast or kahvalty is not about a quick bite to eat and run about your business. Turkish breakfast is more like a ceremony with many snacks, and is simply translated “before coffee”.

Boiled eggs or egg dishes, sausages, fresh chopped vegetables, several types of cheese, heavy cream for spreading on bread or flatbread, olives, honey, jams and pastries: homemade flatbreads, simita bagels, sweets are served on the table.

Turkish coffee

A special coffee is obtained by brewing ground beans in a cezve or cezve. Coffee can be brewed both on an open fire and on hot sand, stones. Sugar is added to the drink during preparation.

Coffee without sugar is designated “sade” (sadee), with a small amount of sugar “orta” (orta). Sweet coffee is called “checkerli” (şekerli). Graceful cups are used for coffee, often with oriental ornaments. Coffee utensils will be a good souvenir from Turkey.


Turkey loves sweets. There are many types of Turkish delight, halva, baklava and pishmaniye – an amazing dessert with Asian roots. Writing resembles a dense ball of thin sweet threads of roasted sugar with flour. The taste of sweetness is like halva. Nuts are added to the dessert: pistachio paste or ground hazelnuts.

Fish and bread

“Balyk” in Turkish means fish, and the name of the dish means a fried half of fish served on bread or flatbread with vegetables.In Istanbul, freshly caught mackerel is grilled right on the street. It remains only to choose a piece and sauce to it.


Mussels are sold everywhere in the coastal regions fried with rice or stewed in a lot of sauce. Mussels of various kinds are a common street food in Istanbul. They are sold in pieces or portions and seasoned with lemon juice. Inside the shell is baked mussel meat and spicy rice.


It is generally accepted that lahmacun or lamajo is an oriental pizza. But it is not so. The dish is a thin flatbread with tomato spicy sauce, to which minced beef or lamb, vegetables, herbs and spices are added.  After it is folded into a roll or in half. Sometimes cut into triangular pieces, like pizza.

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