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What desserts to try in India

It is believed that when preparing food, the cook prepares food for God – the Creator. And if we offer the Creator food with the addition of such ingredients as sadness, sadness, resentment, anger, gossip, despondency, and so on – can this benefit the world? And to yourself?

• When preparing (and eating) food, remove foreign sources of information – television, music, radio, idle talk. You eat all this information too.

• It is unacceptable to cook or eat food in conjunction with the words and thoughts of other people, combining food with conversations (especially unpleasant). Do not listen to someone’s complaints during cooking or eating – it is better to stop cooking at such a moment and leave the kitchen with this person. The kitchen is not a place for quarrels! You can not eat during someone’s quarrels – this food is poisoned.

• Food prepared by a happy person is much healthier and tastier than if it was prepared in a hurry or indifferently;

• Saturate food with good mood and love!

We have already written several articles where we have explained in detail how to cook the following Indian dishes:

You can start trying these dishes. I also want to tell you how to cook the famous dish of Aloo Gobi and Biryani. I  We are also preparing an article about Indian spices. Let’s stay in touch, friends. And read over 50 articles written by us about India with love – India Travel Guide.

We continue to review the traditional cuisine of different countries of the world and go to India, where the traveler will find hundreds of all kinds of dishes, unique and inimitable, typical only for this country. If you are planning to visit this part of the world, be sure to try all these treats in order to form your own impression of them.

This is a fragrant rice dish made with several spices, saffron and protein, as well as pickled chicken or lamb.  It is noteworthy that traditional Indian spices are used for biryani, therefore they best reflect the cuisine of this country.

Go for breakfast, which is essentially heavy South Indian oatmeal. A batter made from rice flour and lentils is used, formed into small round shapes. A very popular breakfast dish that is definitely worth trying.

Perfect when you’ve tasted delicious food and still have enough energy for dessert. A very popular delicacy, which is treated to children during family holidays.


Chole Batur: A spicy curried chickpea dish served with toasted bread made from flour. Ideal for Sunday breakfast. It is eaten dressed in festive clothing on especially important days and during the festivals.

Kati Roll is a traditional street food popular not only in India but also abroad. A bundle of kebabs, eggs, vegetables and spices wrapped in Paratoo flat bread.  You can buy this treat on any street of any city in India.

Rajma Beans in a thick sauce, popular in North India. Ideal when paired with rice, Rajma is especially delicious in winter, served sparingly hot. Ideal for those who crave a thousand scents at once.

Tandoori Chicken Tandoori Chicken marinated for hours in a yoghurt and spice paste, and then fried (traditionally) in an oven. Ideal for dining with guests. The effort to cook Tandoori is minimal.

Banana Chips Thin slices of banana are deep fried in hot spices. It feels like the wind is pulling at your hair as you sail the Kerala swamps in your houseboat.

This is an exciting and quirky vegetarian meal that is often eaten with the family.

Dose is worth trying when you want breakfast to be the highlight of your day, so you can have a good meal and recharge your energy for the rest of the day.

Ideal when you want a chilled tapas. Bhelpuri is a refreshing and invigorating dish.

Wada is a South Indian main snack made from lentil or flour batter and fried in a donut shape. Wada can easily satisfy your chutney and lentil cravings. Most often consumed for breakfast.

London has long been a steadfast gourmet favorite for its wide variety of international cuisine found throughout the capital, but it really does make it stand out for its great Indian restaurants.

Whether you want a curry with friends, an evening out on a date, or a kiddie restaurant, there are tons of places that serve really, really good food.

Of course, with such a large offer, it can be difficult to choose a place to party, so we did all the work for you.

We’ve combed the streets to introduce you to the best Indian restaurants in London to suit every budget and inspire your gourmet quest.

The restaurant has just undergone an extensive renovation and despite its trendy interiors, it is quite casual and offers some food at an affordable price.

Think freshwater tiger prawns marinated with hot chili powder, chopped ginger and yogurt, and even specially selected cocktails, craft beer and wine.

This is a great place for dating, but you can book a table as it is quite popular with the locals.

With locations all over London, including Carnaby, Shore ditch and King’s Cross, Dishonor is ideal if you are traveling from different parts of the city.

They have an impressive selection of food for every meal throughout the day – their brunch is particularly popular with locals, not to mention fairly moderate prices.

Whether you’re after a casual breakfast or looking for something trendy for dinner, Dishonor has a variety of delicious options to choose from, from traditional curries to mouth-watering grilled dishes.

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