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Countries with the most harmful and most useful cuisine

Many tourists begin their acquaintance with the culture of other countries from the local national cuisine. And most travelers try not to visit establishments with an international menu. They tend to eat in authentic restaurants and cafes. Many travelers prefer gastronomic tourism, believing that it is the basis of any trip.

In 1992, a nutritional program was developed by nutritionists at the Harvard School of the United States. It is she who is used as a criterion for the usefulness of all kinds of dishes in different countries. Experts say that the daily menu must include fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Next, according to scientists, are legumes, nuts, cereals, fish, chicken, turkey (preferably skinless fillets), homemade eggs and dairy products.

Any vegetables, fruits and berries are the key to a healthy diet. And as for fats of animal origin, sweets and white bread – all this must be reduced to a minimum, if not completely removed from your diet.

Unfortunately, hundreds of years ago, when national cuisines appeared, in most countries no one knew anything about the norms of proper and healthy nutrition. Therefore, it is not surprising that many dishes can shock modern doctors and nutritionists.

What national dishes can be useful, and which bring only harm to health? An example of this is the traditional and beloved by many Bavarian sausages, deep-fried meat, thick Weinkopf soup with meat, as well as all kinds of smoked meats. The list of these German popular dishes confirms the similar reputation of German cuisine.

Also in the traditional menu you can add fatty meat of all kinds, sauces, a lot of fat and bread, potato dishes, pancakes and jelly.


In Hungary, too, quite a lot of people are overweight (about 25%). This is because their traditional dish is a delicious, but very high-calorie meat goulash. Also, their other national dishes are no less high-calorie. They are mainly prepared from meat and fat. In order to improve the situation, the Hungarian government introduced a tax on junk food. It also raised prices for sweet soda and fast foods.


However, not only meat dishes are traditional in Europe. Belgian sweets are considered no less high-calorie. This includes delicious chocolate, all kinds of desserts, Belgian waffles and other confectionery. Belgium is famous for such high-calorie yummy.


It is known that Belarus is a leader in the cultivation and consumption of potatoes. And potatoes, as you know, contain a large amount of starch. It is starch that contributes to weight gain and negatively affects blood vessels. Who has not tried the delicious Belarusian potato pancakes (drinkie, potato pancakes)? And in combination with meat, dairy products and all kinds of bakery products, this is a time bomb.


Energetic and emotional Argentines love not only temperamental dances. They love heavy food. Basically, these are meat and flour dishes.  In their menu, the inhabitants of this country also prefer red meat.

However, America has firmly entrenched the title – the birthplace of fast foods. And what is fast food – everyone knows.

And now it’s time to move on to countries where traditional dishes are the right and healthy food.


Everyone knows that the basis of the national cuisine of Japan is fish, seaweed and a number of other seafood. To all of the above, add vegetables, soy and rice. And meat, dairy products, fats and carbohydrates are used very rarely.  And this allows you to save a maximum of useful substances. Even sweets in Japan are made from rice flour, fruit juices, and seaweed thickeners. Therefore, they can be attributed not only to tasty, but also to healthy desserts.


The national cuisine of Vietnam is famous for a large number of herbs and spices – cilantro, mint, lemongrass, chili pepper, coriander, basil. In addition, the Vietnamese use fresh vegetables, seafood, rice and rice flour to prepare many dishes. Fats are practically not used. And a minimum of heat treatment.


Indian cuisine is distinguished by a huge number of all kinds of spices – turmeric, ginger, chili, cloves, cardamom, mint. These spices give Indian cuisine dishes not only a rich, but also an amazing aromatic taste. The listed spices are an excellent protection against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and all kinds of inflammatory processes.

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